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From " the interpreter criticizes introduction " see our country interpreter lea
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Review our country's long interpreter to study the history, when we sum up our to accomplish, although the view is differ, but the consensus that having a bit should be us, that is, driving interpreter career to develop change, promote and respect of prosperous interpreter career, the interpreter approves appraise one's merits to cannot be done not have, and success is remarkable. This greatly, should be attributed to interpreter bound the numerous learned man that those attention interpreters criticize. Especially in recent years interpreter criticism, be in on the whole with its brand-new appearance, open, multivariate choice, integrated interpreter criticizes an idea, bright and distinct criticism personality, the critical method of diversification and angle, each other is additional critical configuration, the form of not stick to one pattern, become one of landscape with contemporary interpreter the most compelling bound.
Recently, yang Xiaorong is written " the interpreter criticizes introduction " (China translates publication company to publish external) one book, cent is “ topical ’ , study ” with “ interpreter standard two much. “ topical ” elaborates the property that translates criticism, phyletic, function and principle, the main task;“ such as the main body object that translates criticism, administrative levels and method translates a standard to study ’ , the traditional thinking that discusses the basis that translates criticism and level and contemporary eye shot. Whole book is key link with translating critical standard, the system combed the basic idea in translating criticism and basic theory, elaborate an interpreter to criticize a method from technology and course level, the interpreter of the appendage that makes was regarded as to translate theory and practice all the time in the past is criticized, the face that is able to change with reason appears, indicating the interpreter criticism change now, development is medium already began to become a both neither to be carried out at the interpreter together, also have the independent discipline with oneself qualitative uniqueness unlike what translate academic research. Whole book of make a comprehensive view, the author's research has the following big characteristics.
One, exquisite and academic character and morals
Of a course build and mature, the on any account that its reason changes content often is the important sign that measures it. Our country traditional interpret learns a lot of medium point of views around the interpreter, with respect to the argumentation for lack of systematic rigor, lost academic power. Academic character depends on clear, complete. The author points out: &Ldquo; makes criticism casts off subjective and optional sex, best method lets criticism build namely go up in solid academic base, although criticize reason,change. ” translates integral level of criticism to rise, deepen academic connotation, the author thinks, “ interpreter criticizes jelly, both neither is accurate, do not have new idea again, more cannot thought-provoking, satisfy at carrying a few faults, aspect that covers a few sentence pattern merely, should not continue again. ” this is to appealing the interpreter criticizes a bound to need to increase academic strength, raise academic consciousness.
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