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Interpreter of current foreign language teachs the problem that education faces
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Interpreter of current foreign language teachs the problem that education faces and countermeasure
The schools language literature such as Jiao Zunshi Fan Gao fastens Chen Ling

" summary] social development is increasing to the interpreter's demand, suffer the effect of big environment of the interpreter however, interpreter of current foreign language teachs education to facing a lot of problems however, these problems had made the central point that translates bound attention. The article sets out actually from educational education, analysed an interpreter to teach the problem that education place faces, discussed how to solve these problems in the microcosmic domain such as education.
" keyword] countermeasure of interpreter education issue

1, foreword
The language is the carrier of culture, the ultimate goal that learns a foreign language is to come true cross culture intercourse, and cross culture intercourse to cannot leave an interpreter, the importance with language because the interpreter ability of this student is outer medium education more and more get attention. And suffer all sorts of advocate the influence of objective element, current situation of education of education of interpreter of our country current foreign language very not allow hopeful. The article taught education to the problem that face did a few research and offer corresponding the way to deal with a situation to interpreter of our country current foreign language.

2, the problem that education of education of interpreter of current foreign language faces
2.1. Suffer the effect of psychological element, understanding of ” of small to “ part is insufficient
The high grade student of the student that major of a lot of foreign languages translates direction and other study foreign language is translating often have such experience constantly: New word of? of coil of Mu of angry annulus instrument, difficult word) with big sentence (long sentence, difficult sentence) as long as the attention uses interpreter strategy and skill, translation is met normally very precise and appropriate. And the difficult point that ” of small sentence of ” of a lot of common “ minor term in the article and “ often can make an interpreter however, this is not is look not to understand because of them or cannot understand these “ the word of small ” and sentence, however because although always feel know fairly well, this do not know however when begin to write or paint from why to speak of. C.H. The “ experience extensive of Judd is changed say ” thinks, the experience that the collective composition between study activity facilitated to learn in advance to review (knowledge) what study an activity to later period is migratory. The “ of H A How learns calm situation to say ” thinks to suffer study intent or learn a heart to influence, study can form calm force on the method. Accordingly, suffer previous (knowledge) experience and the effect that study calm situation, learner appears easily when study the knowledge that negligence already reviewed before, right when its emersion the appearance that its have be handlinged chronically. This caused a lot of students to be opposite the word of “ cognizant, sentence ” understanding is insufficient.
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