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Does the spring that translates course still have many far?
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Does the spring that translates course still have many far?

The interpreter of Xi Liang of Liu of chairman of Chinese interpreter association's “2006 China International this year ever divulged United States of such —— of a group of data are famous on industrial forum ” ABI(Allied Business Intelligence) of market survey firm is in the name is " language translation, this locality changes with globalization: World market is forecasted, industry drive element and electronic solution " in studying a report, say, to the end of 2007, the world translates the market to will reach 11.5 billion dollar artificially, machine translation market will amount to 134 million dollar. According to not complete count, china translated estimation of market production value to already broke through 20 billion yuan of RMBs 2005. Chinese interpret assist statistical number shows, the personnel of interpreter major technology of appoint to a position of our country existing on guard makes an appointment with 60 thousand person, additionally several 100 thousand people are engaged in translating the job with different form.

Inland: Education system is preliminary and perfect

Above the backside of a series of numbers is the Chinese interpreter market with infinite latent capacity. However the reporter discovers however in interview, gao Shuiping, horizontal interpreter talent already became the adverse factor that restricts interpreter market development at present, the relatively weak one link in also becoming the interpreter industry chain with giant dimensions. Liu Xiliang is when the problem that speaks of industry of our country interpreter existing point out publicly: The interpreter talent of “ Gao Shuiping and interpreter major faculty short badly ” . To strengthen an interpreter the persons qualified to teach is built, chinese interpret assist successive already education of interpreter of summer vacation time of 5 years of open and practice are advanced seminar, invite interpreter group famous expert undertakes special subject lecture, the teacher that is engaged in translating education for the college offers major to groom. On the seminar that will hold this year in July, sponsor just invited American Meng Telei international to study the institute is advanced the learned man that interpreter institute and interpreter of university of Hong Kong Chinese tie gives lessons, of Chinese interpreter talent specialization education already was there can be no turning back.

Assistant dean of advanced interpreter college holds university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language concurrently the interpreter learns research center director Professor Mu Lei to tell a reporter, according to preliminary count, our country inland shares 6 interpreter institutes and 8 interpreters at present is (not plan translate an institute into run by the local people) , additional, the interpreter of the school such as institute of the 2nd foreign language is Beijing in preparing to construct (express one) , system of outback interpreter education is already preliminary and perfect. This year in March, approval of Ministry of Education establishs undergraduate course to translate major in the college, the pace that makes translate course to build strode ahead again one stride, the interpreter learns to be taken seriously as independent course with each passing day by all circles. University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language, Fudan University and Heibei Normal University become first recruiting to translate 3 colleges of professional undergraduate students. Among them university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language and recruit students of plan of Heibei Normal University 30 people, 15 people control recruit students of Fudan University plan. In phase of Master graduate student, end to go annual bottom, setting of about 150 colleges translates major or direction, offer interpreter theory research, written translation and oral interpretation practice and other literature and lingustic course commonly. And in doctoral student phase, at present the whole nation has 20 to much place college has an interpreter to learn or translate directional doctor to award a qualification, reading a doctoral student nearly 100 people. Professor Mu Lei says at the same time, at present the foreign language fastens undergraduate students high grade to translate education basically is those who serve as language study is outspread, translate a class to translate skill in order to teach to give priority to more, education will rise and examine in order to translate level of education of fundamental phase English, translating a class is course of foreign language application actually. And the interpreter direction that phase of graduate student of Master of department of foreign language courtyard sets, put in course target of mixed and disorderly, education method of ambiguous, teaching optional, dissertation is non-standard wait for a problem not strictly with management. In addition, the curricular setting difference that at present the interpreter institute of each college and interpreter fasten is bigger also, respective education concept also differs somewhat. “ and outback photograph are compared, harbor, bay, the interpreter education of the stage is relatively a few more normative, be worth us to learn. ” Mu Lei says.
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