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The interpreter publishs the enlightenment that builds to translating course
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Nowadays, ” of “ learning innovation became a popular topic. Innovation is academic life, to this, be in theoretic it seems that not inaccessible consensus. But how to innovate after all, it is one needs to think in academic and aspirant travel already, need to have the difficult problem of exploration in practice again. Come more than 10 years, the interpreter that Ms. Tang Jin that currently holds the post ofHubei to teach press assistant president pays close attention to rarely originally in academia studies publication domain is silent and cultivated, the development that learns research and interpreter course construction to increasingly arisen interpreter produced due effect.
What the university on Tang Jin reads aloud is English, learning what English loves most is to attend interpreter class. When college fast graduate, she is asked for so that the teacher agrees, translated the novelette of an United States, add a comment, as project, pass smoothly. After the university graduates, she becomes English teacher to the college, those who do not close to fall is cut to still be translated in the heart, be in love with deeply infuse a when she passes interpret meticulously between the lines of an English novel. The difficulty of interpret thing and mystery guided her to produce interest to the interpreter's history and craft, also caused her to think of the problem to the interpreter ceaselessly at the same time. 20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time, she leaves a college to enter Hubei to teach a press before long, put forward to brew in mind to the leader old but it is in light of at that time however as good as plans at a selection of subject of the illusion: The organization is compilatory " China translates a dictionary " . Say this plan as good as at the illusion, the reason has 3: It is interpreter all along insignificant skill be regardinged as, on the history unvalued, be in by desolate place, to translate build up sb's public image, in the head of a lot of people, saying is ” of “ wishful thinking, also be highbrow “ illusion ” ; 2 it is Tang Jin placed to look at the beginning be like the editor that comes true hard to imagine: The reflection of home of the contribution of home of the activity interpret home, interpret and contribution, interpret to interpret thing has the consideration of all-around, try to introduce selectively, it is interpret home already glorify sb by erecting a monument to him and writing his biography, make historical fixed position for interpret thing again, still undertake combing to interpret talking, summary. this 3 person be in harmony is an organic whole, mean the take in everything that already should the data accumulates a meaning to go up, more should learning explores the development enterprising on the meaning, for bound of this pair of interpret, it is a challenge undoubtedly; 3 it is China although interpreter history is long, the effect that cannot replace is having in communication of the culture between the nation, science and technology, but as a result of a variety of reasons, on the history rare account, lack research more, want to build up from nothing, the 100 families type that writes sexes of such knowledge of a frit and technicality to be one furnace translates a dictionary, its difficulty cans be imagined. It is difficult that Tang Jin knows and go up, below the leader's support, was on an ask for it to eat painstakingly, the search road from pleasant loneliness. This goes, it is 8 year. From formulate selection of subject, tentative idea, write byelaw to arrive person selected of choice chief editor, the member that contact a contributor, examine and revise plans to choose entry, arrive again of entry revise, school calm. In she and chief editor drive step by step under, a person of academic or artistic distinction of bound of contemporary interpret of course our country, scholar and professional are close of 100 people give full cooperation below, the first authority of Chinese, economic encyclopedia formula is large interpreter reference book comes out eventually. Mr Qian Zhongshu breaks rules to be its write the title of a book on a label to be stuck on the cover in disease, unfeignedly of Mr Ji Xianlin wrote down the “ that extols Chinese interpreter most the preface of ” , culture of its “ China can grow nurture youth, 10 thousand Ying Ling medicine are an interpreter. Of the interpreter to use big! The feeling character of ” , made culture fixed position of the history to translate a career.
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