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Lin Shu and new culture
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Since after one dry person is being earthed up to “ hits Pan ” bout and end in order to fail with Hu Kuo, Chen Duxiu, Caiyuan in new culture campaign, lin Shu basically with Pan of a “ this the last days of life of the later generations of comical figure consist in of the mantis blocking a car with ” of defend conventional moral principles in narrating. 1919 2, in March, student Zhang Houzai of Lin Shu will forest write " Jing Sheng " , " bewitching dream " take Shanghai " new declare " on publish, zhang Shilin Shu learns the student of hall in 5 cities, reading in Beijing University at that time. These two work grow Beijing University school (Cai Yuanpei) , dean (Chen Duxiu) , professor (Hu Kuo, Qian Xuan is the same as) defame in turn. Beijing University has made new culture supreme headquarters at that time, colloquial literature view advocates development to be participated in generally to the student by the professor, students of chief editor " trendy " magazine also at becoming the beginning of the year is published.
Lin Shu novel, beijing University public opinion is big clang, temporarily feelings of the masses is indignant. Zhang Houzai is apart from graduation only a few months, but it is dangerous to incur the anger of the masses, be in with “ by Beijing University Shanghai communication, attaint school praise the name of ” leaves besides one's status as a student.
Lin Shu caused disaster, already ashamed at complicity student, also feel abuse to mix the path that threatening is not gentleman, write to each newspaper office then, admit the error of own name-calling publicly. Chen Duxiu gives positive response to Lin Shu's apology: Each newspaper office is written to south “ Lin Qin, admit him himself the demerit of name-calling, resemble such is brave in that mend one's ways, arrive to be able to admire very much. ” (" data of Lin Shu research " 193 pages) Lin Shu 68 years old at that time, dare make so dare become, the person that be not true disposition cannot also.
I reverse a verdict for Lin Shu innocently here, he writes " Jing Sheng " , " bewitching dream " , what lend the absurd clue of the novel the angry of one discharge mind then is evil-minded, truly also muddleheaded and careless is funny. But, talk by the heart, new culture a group of people of same interest says ancient prose is “ is chosen learn person or event associated with evil or misfortune, ” of tung city error, not also close to fling abuses? Lin Shu mocks colloquialism is the language ” that holds what “ brings a car to sell a thick liquid in vain, “ nots worth one smile ” , but Hu Kuo saying “ classical Chinese is ancient prose of dead character ” , “ is dead literature ” , loving greatly left (Zun Saiming) horse (minister change) class (the class originallies) Han (Han Yu) , ancient prose the Lin Shu of Feng Regui target looks, this kind evaluates pretty of Yu Ye of as good as.
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