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The 18th world translates congress French website to debut
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In Chinese interpret assist of secretariat and Chinese net give full cooperation below, website of congress of interpreter of the 18th world (French edition) (Http://www.fit2008.org/F_fit2008/node_3601.htm) debutted formally on July 11, 2006, edition of congress website Chinese and English edition already parted to will be rolled out on March 17 at was being mixed on January 1, 2006 before this. So far, in website of world interpreter congress, flower, edition of 3 kinds of article already opened the way entirely.

Outside the webpage design style that French edition removes the column setting that withheld English edition and distinguishing feature of extremely rich China, still Chinese interpret assist the conduct propaganda that applied the 18th world to translate congress 2005 piece get online, make the person of abroad that visit can understand Shanghai and China, China more intuitionisticly to translate a bound. Current, more than 10 foreign countries that include international interpret couplet, United States to translate association inside translate association to already went up to translate congress website link with the world in its website. Interpreter congress website already became the world to publicize China to domestic and international personage, propagandist China translates bound and a when the 18th world translated congress 2008 main platform. (data sources: Couplet leaves round-the-world)

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