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The European Union is translating euro of the ten million on the waste on charge
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International is online report (reporter secret is little get the better of) : Situbu announced European assemblyman recently a report that is translating expense about European Union orgnaization shows, the European Union is translating euro of the ten million on the waste on charge every year, wasteful phenomenon is amazing.   
The outlay that European Union orgnaization is translating charge to go up is too huge. 2003, the European Union is as high as 1 billion euro in the defray on interpreter cost. For the orgnaization that perhaps this is having 20 governments language to very normal. After all money of culture diversity need will prop up. If choose English to regard the job of the European Union as the language, not only the efficiency that can improve administrative orgnaization greatly, return can managing many funds. But this just assumes just, a lot of countries that include France inside object English enjoying such give special treatment. Actually, causing the cause with interpreter high cost is not only this just. Besides official personnel slack besides, still having the euro that is as high as 25 million is be wasted for nothing (point to only 2003) . A lot of interpreters that are invited to come by high pay, occasionally a few hours, even a few days are done without anything. Money with respect to such skip.

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