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Germany appears " Chinese is hot "
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If you are a rational and systimatic person, you can be convinced compact system of Yu Deyu; If you are a perceptual and romantic person, you may think too cold iron mixes German hard. Nevertheless, to the Chinese, german learns very hard. Someone says, german is the learns the hardest language on the world, return somebody to say, can learn English 3 years, can learn French 10 years, and learn German to need 30 years.
German is the official language of Germany and Austria, belong to Aryan Germanic a group of things with common features raise on the west, the population total of global use German is about 110 million. German cent is upland German and low-lying German, upland German is common language, it adopted the certain pronunciation regulation of low-lying German, low-lying German listens go up more like English and Dutch, universal written set phrase is with upland German accurate. The language boundary of upland German and low-lying German roughly from German northwest ministry inferior treasure rises, the Benlate to riverside of Guo Laiyin of the east longitude, Kasaier, Magedebao the float Si Tengbao till bank of the Oder River, this line with south it is upland German, with north it is low-lying German.
From 5 centuries ~ 8 centuries, the 2nd sound of Germanic happening changes (also say upland German sound changes) make German comes out from the become divided in collective Germanic, develop the language that becomes independence gradually. 16 centuries of 12 centuries ~ , of the development as a result of German economy, politics and culture and heart of fourth grade of Reformation home horse " Bible " the transmission of German translation and his other work, written and common language begins to form.
German has great contribution to world culture, institute of heart of equestrian fourth grade translates " Bible — the New Testament " of common to contemporary German language form had main effect. Below his inspiration, the Ou Zhu that use north of interpret of insitute of language " the New Testament " the normative effect that also had a language. 19 centuries, german philosophy offerred concept of edificatory person mental and term, de Wenyuan word still must be used when people speaks of philosophical problem up to now with bright original meaning.
German and Chinese are completely different language, but both have certain connection however, this basically is behaved use a term for each other of two kinds of languages, the heart volition in be like Chinese (Deutsch) , beer (Bier) , Gestapo (Gestapo) , Nazi (Nazi) , fascism (Faschismus) wait. German is being formed and vocabulary of a few Chinese also is used in development process, be like Chine (China, come from Chinese ancient time ” of the Qin Dynasty of “ of the first centralized dynasty) , Konfuzianismus (Kong Xue, Confucianism learn, confusianism) , Tao/Dao (the “ path ” of philosophy of Chinese ancient time) , Yin and Yang (Yin Heyang, the “ shade ” that comes from philosophy of Chinese ancient time and “ in relief ”) , Taiji or Tai-chi (too extremely, too extremely graph) , KungFu (Chinese kongfu, wushu) , MaJiang (mahjong card) wait. There still is the foreign word that concerns with Chinese products even in the vocabulary of German, a lot of returning come from language of another name for Guangdong Province, be like Kumquat (kumquat) , Litchi (litchi) , Longane (longan) , Taifun (typhoon) etc.
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