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Leave English 46 class 95% precision transducer comes out after 4 years
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Translate in a few years to the real time of TV, phone and website in can become reality probably. Defend advanced survey project acts as agent (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) the company invested the name is developed for global automation language (Global Autonomous Language Exploitation) project, this project aims to be the 90% interpreters to the Arabic of 95% and standard mandarin at offerring definition 2010.
The researcher that participates in this project at present comes from cross national big company, include IBM, SRI and BBN. The personnel of these 3 companies comprised 3 groups development to translate wants software and hardware respectively. Interesting is, the organizer set mechanism of an internal competition. 3 development group will have development time of 5 years, every annual bottom organizer will undertake assessment to the progress of each group, the group with the poorest grade will be gone by discharge this project, and cannot again the research with more thorough proceed. The target that at present this organization sets for the first year is interpreter speech requirement the accuracy rate of 65% , interpreter character asks the accuracy rate of 75% .
News comments on: When just seeing this information, do not have actually how excited, because similar transducer had had a lot of companies in the past,developing, the company that believes to develop this kind of product at present also is absent a few. After seeing the administrative measure that this organization adopts nevertheless, was full of to this project suddenly expect. Because have 3 groups at the same time so, participate in the circumstance in a project not to see more at the same time with the means of mutual competition. And these 3 groups also are actual strength is quite abundant, especially the speech product that IBM once also had developed ViaVoice to precede so. Below the pressure that competing probably, this project can give us a surprise 2010 really, what do at present awaited only.
Origin: Wei of discharge ancient wine vessel knows well

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