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American professor loves to read " intense daughter is passed "
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American has a special liking to Chinese classic literature
Recently, chinese writer Liu Xinwu held “ to uncover secret in Colombian university " red Lou Meng " ” lecture. Media of much home United States is intense to this reaction, a lot of people forecast this to will be lifted in the United States again new classic literature of round of China is hot. American is modern to the mania of Chinese classic literature follow suit, still have a special liking? Is the Chinese classic literature in their eye what kind of after all? Our newspaper reporter interviewed a few American that love Chinese classic literature.
“ the egg that I am heart of a white short for xipi and erhuang, chinese classic literature changed me thoroughly”
Before the reporter, agreement of 27 years old writings brush play says he is yellow heart of Bai Pi of “ egg ”—— . 4 years ago, regard communication as the student, he learned the Chinese literature of 9 months in Beijing, send irremediable from now on, the following every summer vacation, john passes in China. It is beyond the mark that a lot of friends of “ say my China is gotten, ” writings brush all sorts of Chinese books that pointing to dormitory bookshelf to go up say about, “ but the nature that Chinese classic literature altered me thoroughly and the manner to the person. I become more courteous, gentler. ” writings brush he decided a goal about: It is before graduate student graduation, read 4 names of Chinese to write. He admits he still cannot understand the exquisite feeling in the book and solid philosophical thinking completely.
“ I feel Chinese classic literature is the greatest the characteristic is pursuit harmony, advocate social Great Harmony, when necessary individual need compromises to collective interest. Under photograph comparing, the individual of popular culture pursuit of contemporary United States is consummate, see film TV go up to emphasize egocentric program overly, I discover they are very dull. ”
The desire with the greatest “ is to go to China to read " intense daughter is passed " , saw with one's own eyes sees the illustration on the book”
An Na • Kenny is the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of the university teachs Virginia, begin to teach Chinese and Chinese culture since 1985. She saw another level of Chinese culture from inside Chinese classic literature. “ gives me impression the deepest is a such stories: Eagre when, qiang the wife of a prince is standing in alone build a stage to go up. The emperor sends a person to take her to go to safe place, but bearer forgot to take token, emperor of the proof that do not have a law allows she leaves. Result Qiang the wife of a prince would rather drown the law that also does not agree to disobey palace, do sth without authorization leaves. ”
An Na agrees " intense daughter passes " in the traditional goodness of place praise highly: Filial, kind-hearted, compassionate. But also a lot of things let her cannot understand, the widow of “ beauty to be married no longer, cut off actually oneself nose. They would rather commit suicide for chastity and from incomplete, what I feel this is pair of women is oppressive. ” the viewpoint for him proof, an Na still collected the duplicate with many Chinese painterly ancient time: You see “ , the woman on the graph is drawn smally than the man, and hold central important position rarely. ”
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