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Translated term of American election Chinese is multifarious
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The election is a very serious issue originally. " live abroad signs up for " the message says, september 12, it is American the Democratic Party within the party the first day of primary election, but head for China port polling booth when constituency of new York foreign citizen of Chinese origin, when preparation is voting, find both funny and annoying however, the reason is the Chinese translated term of the candidate that election bureau provides, what some and they hear at ordinary times is different, for instance, enter into an election contest the Andrew • Ge Mo that the Democratic Party of chief procurator of new York city nominates, everybody knows originally, he is before the son that arrowroot of new York bey plans. But, the Chinese name that election bureau has to him calls An Zhu • draw together model however, english is not very good constituency makes confused, do these two have kin after all? Similar issue has appeared a few years ago, young participate a person, translated term calls “ collect shuttle ” probably, but election bureau became its interpret however ” of “ old old man, according to the meaning of Chinese, became master child, the grandpa's meaning, turned over completely. Do quite laugh? Our Chinese is translated, exquisite “ letter, amount to, elegant ” , I look, the foreigner takes Chinese name, also must deal with according to the chapter, otherwise, because the full name is done not clear and the vote that cast constituency of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, much injustice.
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