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Translation is talent plus effort
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Yan Fu translated "Evolution and Ethics", the wrote a "translation of Preface", the first thing that is straight to the point that translation is not an easy task: "Translation on three difficulties: the letter and Elegance." Simply The so-called "trust", that is loyal to the original, "of" that Arts and accessible, "Ya" requires skillful. Obtaining the three one is not easy, both, to be known as "sexually explicit" the. Yan Fu of this article, has become a classic of literature translation theory, "the letter, and Elegance," the standard is still the majority of the highest level of sought-after translator. If the "letter and Elegance" compared to the other side, then, to reach the other side, you need to have Path, a Zhou Ji. Boating Life Path, and where? I humbly believe, Mr. Zhu Shenghao as "The Complete Works of Shakespeare," wrote, "the translator sequence" is a translation of workers over to help the voice of experience, should carefully try to figure out, not be underestimated. Mr. Zhu said in the preface, he liked Shakespeare, "has both dates at least ten times Complete research chanting"; In order to translate Shakespeare, who collect a lot of information, "hard to collect over the years the various versions of Shakespeare, and various home notes, research, criticism of the book, not the next two hundred "Unfortunately, these valuable information during the war were destroyed by Bingxian, special for the unfortunate; wait for hands-on translation, the" translation of each section, they must first self as readers, asked the police whether the ambiguous reading of the place. they will self as the actor on the stage, the tone is difficult to talk about the trial identified, syllables are reconciled. Yiziyizi group who are not satisfied, always trying to come Leiri. "from Zhu Mr. readme, it is easy to understand, the translation is really a hard work, the light is interested, talent is not enough, must make painstaking efforts, make great efforts. Need to do your homework before translation, and many are familiar with the original background; translation required carefully worded and repeated scrutiny, "Yiziyizi of not satisfied, always trying to come Leiri," Yan said proper permit, "one of the stand, ten days January hesitate "in true. A good translation work, but the result of talent plus effort, both are indispensable. Brilliant without effort, easy to flow in the light, there is no talent strength, easy flow to wooden. Both natural imaginative translator, but also devote themselves to learning, excellence, "to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated," translated the works of an extraordinary nature, can be transmitted long, BES Liufang. In a world, "translation industry rookie," after another, careful study, is neither a gifted writer, and no rigorous study, study without half of the volume, write, such as plague, people really ten teeth Xiaodiao nine. In everyday language, there were the "internal channels" (Inner Passage) translated as "chest-channel", and there is the "logistics" (Logistics Department) translated as "buttocks Services", and also has the "gift big straw" ( Free Straw Included) translated as "fool is free of charge", and so on. More "professor," the figure in the English translation of academic works, they can put "Mencius" translated as "Meng Hughes", the "grandchildren," translated as "Sangzu", the "Chiang Kai-shek," translated as "Chang Kai Shen ", the" Hsu about "translated as" Soviet Spring Moon ", all these short pass in the printing of the joke. Translation of several names, phrases like this careless, desire the translation of "faithfulness, and elegance", extremely difficult for carry on. Mr. Zhu Shenghao ground to know, when there are "not as good as a crab, a crab" feeling. Alas, alas!
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