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Summer vacation " charge " foreign language attend in a advanced studies takes t
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In unpredicatable duty field competition, “ charges ” is vogue no longer however must. July is all sorts of grooming charge a hot season, the investigation that Zhaopin.com rolls out recently shows, take a refresher course of foreign language attend in a advanced studies, administrative knowledge, degree is the 3 big projects with the most zealous ” of the person that “ charges.

Foreign language attend in a advanced studies is to charge the mainstream

Choose in informant all sorts of popular charge in course, foreign language attend in a advanced studies occupied close 1/3; Administrative knowledge is occupied 23% ; Degree take a refresher course is occupied 12% ; Practical IT technology is occupied 9% ; Financial knowledge is occupied 4% ; Other and professional knowledge is occupied 15% . Specialization to going for viatic person, certificate of advanced profession qualification is indispensable, holding card to register essence of analyst of accountant, banking, insurance to calculate engineer of division, framework is the sweet pastry in hunt head eye; And manage viatic person to going for, experience, experience, MBA study is more serious perhaps.

Summer vacation time signs up this year the number that joins a foreign language to groom should exceed level of calendar year the corresponding period, partial course number signing up is achieved even last year 3 times. Triumphant Yo French grooms President Wang Jing of the center says: Our altogether opened “ this year 14 classes recruit 200 much people, learner broke up one time than last year. ” is current although still take overwhelming advantage,English grooms, dan Xiaoyu is planted groom it seems that “ breaks through a tight encirclement the evidence of ” , occupy a foreign language to groom the portion of the market is 3 into the left and right sides, and specific gravity is rising ceaselessly.

The choice grooms orgnaization credit the first

Groom charge the growth of demand also suggested to groom a large number of emerge in large numbers of the orgnaization, is if where to groom dazzlingly,appropriate “ charger ” found in the market? Investigation shows, the cool-headed person that charge did not put the value in the first, people grooms in choice society when the orgnaization, before 4 elements that value most are ordinal it is value of quality of setting of orgnaization credit, course, teaching material, certificate, the curricular price, importance that learns an environment ranks middle reaches, as to instructor fame, leave home criterion of far and near the line is last.

4/5 person fills charge of electricity to be carried with him “”

From investigation data looks, charge at present groom charge still buries odd ” to give priority to with individual “ . Him person of 74% pays groom charge electric fee; The scale that individual and company partake has 8% ; The scale that the company pays or submits an expense account has 19% . Informant attends groom charge of content and company business be closely bound up have 27% ; Be individual interest completely have 30% ; It is individual interest helpful to company business also scale is top, have 43% . That is to say, of close 4/5 charge action is concerned with individual interest.
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