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Approbate the orgnaization of IELTS
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IELTS exam gets a lot of countries, of the educational orgnaization that includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England and United States approbate, still get professional orgnaization, emigrant authorities at the same time, with etc government sector approbate, click here please, understanding approbates orgnaization more information about IELTS exam.

·Educational orgnaization·IELTS takes an exam the first choice that now is Australia, England, New Zealand and Irish education orgnaization, what and got Canada teach an orgnaization is complete approbate. In the meantime, IELTS exam still got the United States of more and more education orgnaizations approbate extensively.

· emigrant orgnaization·IELTS exam obtained many emigrant orgnaization approbate, if New Zealand is emigrant immigration office of service bureau, Australia, Australia is multivariate culture and ministry of aboriginal general affairs, and Canadian citizen and immigration office, regard its as the language requirement that emigrant applicant needs.

·Professional orgnaization·The professional orgnaization of a lot of England, Australia, Canada and United States recognizes IELTS achievement. These professional orgnaizations include: Association of British England medical treatment, british nurse reachs obstetric association, england is royal medical association, british department of defense, association of medical treatment of Australia of Australia of association of British department of stomatology, australian nurse association, australian education registers association, australian engineer institute, canada of Australian medicine association is British Colombia registers nurse association, association of graduate of school of American abroad nurse, association of Irish Ireland nurse.

·Working domain·IELTS takes an exam or the English level of first selection of very much company takes an exam, the English level that a lot of airline, bank, telegraphic company, transport company and government sector use IELTS exam to inspect employee now.   

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