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Gold of skill of TOEFL audition note is summed up
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One, the 6 big characteristics of new TOEFL audition

1. Audition material length increases, the length of every kinds of article is in 600 words above
2. Total title amount decreases, title of old TOEFL audition is 50, new TOEFL is 34
3. Audition problem brief melt into two kinds big: Long dialog (2) , classroom lecture (4)
4. Appear 3 kinds of new exam title types: Form problem, repeat problem, much selection of subject
5. After listening, ability can view a subject
6. Examinee can make note

Pass the analysis of characteristics of pair of new TOEFL audition, we see marking note is the key that audition divides a breakthrough high not hard.

2, IBT audition does note skill

1. Record kernel heart topic certainly

There can be a brief content introduction before IBT audition begins formally, the conference on screen appears later a few related to audition content, the core topic that these can help us decide next face place want to hear a part. For example, listen To A Conversation Between A Professor And Student In A Professor And Student. From this introduction we can know to issue the setting of conversational content: Biology Class, the knot comes down to be able to appear a picture, the character is inside: Friends Of The Earth, biology Class. The picture of content of a dialog still can appear from the back. Carry these characters and picture, we can conclude the theme of this dialog is a composition that concerns with human earth, such orgnaizations basically can be in charge of environmental protection matters concerned. Those who decide the theme can let examinee be being hanged is new slowly be born. The character that the long dialog from the back gives out and picture clew and dialog are similar.

2. Record detail

After affirmatory core topic, what we need to do is record and the detail related its, main detail is What, when, where, who, why and How. The information in noticing to record dialog and speech guides word and information to guide an information from the back, for example, first …… , let's Look At The …… , now, let's Move On To …… , in The Nest Part Of Lecture, I 'd Like To Talk About ……

3. Specific record means

1) main record is substantival: Noun, verb, adjective. The information content that this term place contains is big, also be accent and reduplicative core vocabulary.
2) the stenography method record that uses logogram, symbol and abbreviate, for example: Q. =question, ltd. =limited, + = And/plus, ? =question, / =or. In addition, the phonographic sign that still can with a few other only oneself are familiar with will record important information.

Anyhow, of IBT audition mark raise the effort that needs extensive candidate for an entrance examination to last and ceaseless summary! The society makes note, IBT audition full marks is not a dream.
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