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The interpreter grooms the market is hot
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Certificate of interpreter of countrywide foreign language, whole nation translates professional competence (level) the interpreter attestation that certificate of post of oral interpretation of foreign language of exam, Shanghai already became Shenzhen person to approbate.
The interpreter grooms the market is hot

Data makes clear, because translate market professional to surprise,be short of, the day firewood of a professional simultaneous interpretation can amount to 6000 yuan to get on 10 thousand yuan even, already became the high gold that 10 thousand people fix eyes upon to get. Interpreter certificate also because this is hot.

Breach of interpreter talent market amounts to 90 %

Recently, the reporter understands from concerned branch, china translated production value to already amounted to 11 billion yuan 2003, was expected to break through 20 billion yuan 2005. At present the whole world translates the annual produce of the market to exceed 13 billion dollar, asia-Pacific area occupies 30 % , predict 2007, the interpreter professional work that makes the interpreter of foreign language character on the webpage native language will attain the market scale of 1.7 billion dollar. Occupy Chinese interpret again assist data shows, china has the interpreter professional of on guard appoint to a position to make an appointment with 60 thousand person, the interpreter guards estimation to amount to 500 thousand person from personnel of course of study, and show about sampling investigation this number may reach 1 million person. But existing interpreter team still cannot satisfy huge market demand, reckon breach is as high as 90 % above.

Coronal of Shenzhen another name for Jiangxi Province grooms office of government of central interpreter certificate Mr. Huang Luying thinks, because cannot digest the iformation flow that comes from international, will bring about China to lose much commercial chance. Commissioner of Nobel literature award thinks, the crucial question of the Chinese nearly hundred years person that do not have bear the palm is the English translation that has done not have.

The career that is you aids a helping hand

In fact, those who translate a talent is in short supply the attention that had caused a country to concern a section, chinese Ministry of Education and human affairs ministry had begun try out whole nation's unified interpreter certificate to take an exam early or late.

Groom according to coronal of Shenzhen another name for Jiangxi Province Mr. Huang Luying introduces office of government of central interpreter certificate, to satisfy tremendous social requirement, the standard translates market qualification attestation, national Ministry of Education translates certificate ” to take an exam at rolling out foreign language of “ whole nation 2003, become home to undertake assessment one of authoritative qualification exams of attestation to translating ability actually. This exam consulted the level of interpreter qualification attestation that includes country and the area such as the United States, Canada, European Union, England, Australia, it is an attestation examination that has international level. Exam certificate takes an exam by national Ministry of Education center and combination of university of Beijing foreign language are issued, can regard relevant personnel as the important reference from course of study.
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