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School of power Er foreign language grooms course
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Summer vacation is newest 2008 begin school information (one)

University road campus:

Han language day shift: On June 23 morning 9: 00 attend class formally

Campus of high yield road:

French day shift: On June 18 morning 9: 30 attend class formally (500 class hour leave together)

Additional my school:

Summer vacation 2 period class opens class time: On July 5- - on July 10

8 mandarin character: French, Han Yu, Japanese, Italian

German, English, Russian, spanish

Heating up now in action, ask each student fast sign up to my school, hope classmates are sent word to each other!

Learn the 2nd foreign language together to Weir and gold teacher, do gold to get a talented person!

Ask a phone to seek advice in detail:

Campus of high yield road: 0371- - 63861338 13592669448

University road campus: 0371- - 66949019 13592669449

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