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English interpreter grooms
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Groom orgnaization: College of Peking Man article

Curricular introduction

· develops a target
The English with education solid control and external affairs translate professional knowledge, have good English language accomplishment, stronger language expression reachs word processing capacity, skilled English listens, say, read, write, interpret ability, the high quality that has capacity of better communication, harmonious, organization is compound model interpreter professional.
Before this major two years of Xiu Douying language (the interpreter is professional) specialized subject paragraph fundamental course, the 3rd school year begins to open only, undergraduate course paragraph course, build full regulation credit, can gain the undergraduate course diploma that builds seal by university of Beijing foreign language, accord with degree to award a condition, still can apply for this professional baccalaureate.
1, professional knowledge: English hears knowledge, English is read write knowledge, English policy of policy of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of knowledge of practical writ writing, country, external affairs translates knowledge.
2, handle mastery of a skill or technique: Skilled English hears literacy of ability, English, practical writ writes ability, application all sorts of office software ability.
3, integrated quality: Project of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals is concoctive ability, harmonious with the organization ability, English listens, say, read, write, interpret ability, archives processing capability, simple Japanese (or heart, law
Language) intercourse ability.

Direction of · obtain employment
Business of international classics trade and company of imports and exports can be in after the student graduates, institution of foreign enterprise of of all kinds experience, the interpreter outside be engaged in experience works,
Sentence, the job such as classics trade solid Wu and management.

· major develops prospect
“ enters the drawing near of the success of world ” and ” of “08 Olympic Games, international collaboration project, international trade is increasing increasingly, course of study is in look forward to of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals to be added with each passing day much. Have taller English level, be familiar with international convention, have the graduate of knowledge of solid English major and skill again, made the handsome appearance that national society place is badly in need of. My school opens this major to aim to foster have taller English level, know international those who have knowledge of interpreter job major is business affairs management, compound model practical talent.

· course is installed
Specialized subject paragraph: Chinese of foundation of academic generality of Marxism philosophy principle, Deng Xiaoping, law and thought ethics training, university (this) , integrated English (one) , integrated English (2) , the level takes an exam ()
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