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Beijing English translates oral interpretation to groom
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Unique education kind and teaching material
(one) education means: Education of actual combat sex, cast off school of all foreign language completely the sort of traditional and inflexible education mode, have teacher and student however according to the method that develops personnel of diplomatic oral interpretation truly, all student that had attended desolate teacher class have a feeling to benefit a lot. Make student takes an implied meaning through half an year or training of a year can interpret, hear speech can interpret. The rate of student obtain employment of desolate teacher is almost 100 percent, and majority is high pay obtain employment,
(2) education key: The lecture of desolate teacher emphasizes the interpreter concept that elevates a classmate and oral interpretation skill, raise student to hear with be being advanced of oral interpretation skill in the round read the capability that keeps interpret, hereat at the same time his schoolteaching content very naturally mixes the interpreter skill that improves student in the round translate qualificatory exam union smoothly to rise through human affairs ministry, so no matter whether student attends human affairs ministry to translate a qualification to take an exam to be able to have very big gains.
(3) use teaching material: The teaching material that desolate teacher uses also is the whole nation is unique, his teaching material basically divides it is 3 kinds: (1) the oral interpretation that desolate teacher gives national leader and Tianjin a few mayors personally and written translation data, the recording of oral interpretation spot that bound of the political circles that still desolate teacher gives abroad, economy and place of legal group very important person make and data, this regards the training of interpret of Sino-British each other as teaching material, it is the whole nation is unique that these two teaching material can say above, it is the teaching material of actual combat sex with extremely embarrassed personnel of education diplomacy oral interpretation. (2) desolate him teacher is chosen meticulously carry can be inside the shortest time, ground of the most effective fruit yields the teaching material of concept of student control oral interpretation and oral interpretation skill. (3) desolate teacher can suggest to use teaching material of a few oral interpretation each other, teaching material of this one part is with when all enters, mobility is the biggest, in the oral interpretation teaching material of desolate teacher, the first kind is stabilized relatively with the 2nd kind, and the 3rd kind of teaching material, terminally is different, say simply, desolate teacher the first, the basic skill that the 2nd kind of teaching material wears so that raise student, the interpreter concept that allows student and interpreter skill get rising quickly in the round, the 3rd kind of teaching material is emphasized in the light of human affairs ministry interpreter qualification takes an exam.
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