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Must not sell your soul
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Fiorina's Commencement Address: Never Sell Your Soul
Give graduate life advice: Must not sell your soul

On May 7, ka Li of the CEO before HP company - Feiaoruina (Carly Fiorina) blocks Luo Laina city in American north agrotechnical city establishs an university address on the commencement. This is Ka Li after ” be drivinged out by “ of HP board of directors, appear in open circumstance first. In lecture, ka Li says, after-thought rises 5 years in HP, oneself do not have a bit regret, she present mood special “ is halcyon and smooth and steady ” . Ka Li of 50 years old expresses humorously, she begins to prepare resume afresh now, await the opportunity of interview. “ is in this problem your endowment is sacred gift, in the lecture that your achievement is pair of sacred redound ” , ka Li at the same time also earnestly and tirelessly admonishs the graduate that is about to walk along a society, “ does not abandon your inherent characteristic, must not sell your soul, because can pay without the person,remove ” . It is full text of speech blocking Li below. (Here's What She Told The Graduates And Their Guests At The North Carolina Agricultural&Technical State University On May 7)

Thank You, chancellor, and Good Morning. I'd Like To Join Chancellor Renick In Welcoming All Of You To The 114th Commencement Exercises Of North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University.

My Fellow Job Seekers: I Am Honored To Be Among The First To Congratulate You On Completing Your Years At North Carolina A&T. But All Of You Should Know: As Mother's Day Gifts Go, this One Is Going To Be Tough To Beat In The Years Ahead.

The Purpose Of A Commencement Speaker Is To Dispense Wisdom. But The Older I Get, the More I Realize That The Most Important Wisdom I've Learned In Life Has Come From My Mother And My Father. Before We Go Any Further, let's Hear It One More Time For Your Mothers And Mother Figures, fathers And Father Figures, family, and Friends In The Audience Today.

When I First Received The Invitation To Speak Here, I Was The CEO Of An $80 Billion Fortune 11 Company With 145, 000 Employees In 178 Countries Around The World. I Held That Job For Nearly Six Years. It Was Also A Company That Hired Its Fair Share Of Graduates From North Carolina A&T. You Could Always Tell Who They Were. For Some Reason, they Were The Ones That Had Stickers On Their Desks That Read, "Beat The Eagles. "Beat The Eagles..

But As You May Have Heard, I Don't Have That Job Anymore. After The News Of My Departure Broke, I Called The School, and Asked: Do You Still Want Me To Come And Be Your Commencement Speaker?

Chancellor Renick Put My Fears To Rest. He Said, "Carly, if Anything, you Probably Have More In Common With These Students Now Than You Did Before. You Probably Have More In Common With These Students Now Than You Did Before.. And He's Right. After All, i've Been Working On My Resume. I've Been Lining Up My References. I Bought A New Interview Suit. If There Are Any Recruiters Here, i'll Be Free Around 11.
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