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The advice of the life
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Today We Have Higher Buildings And Wider Highways, but Shorter Temperaments And Narrower Points Of View;
Nowadays, the building that we stay in the taller, route that take is broader, but our disposition becomes impatient however, eye also becomes narrow.
We Spend More, but Enjoy Less;
What we pay is more, those who enjoy is fewer however;
We Have Bigger Houses, but Smaller Families;
Our housing is bigger, but our family is less however;
We Have More Compromises, but Less Time;
The concession that we make is more, but time is fewer;
We Have More Knowledge, but Less Judgment;
We had more knowledge, but judgement is poorer however;
We Have More Medicines, but Less Health;
We had more drug, but healthy state however more be inferior to meaning;
We Have Multiplied Our Possessions, but Reduced Our Values;
We had more money, but viewpoint of value is in however fall;
We Talk Much, we Love Only A Little, and We Hate Too Much;
What we say is much, of love little however, animosity is more also;
We Reached The Moon And Came Back, but We Find It Troublesome To Cross Our Own Street And Meet Our Neighbors;
We can go back and forth between a moon, the Zun Lin that strides one pace to send one's respects to us hard however is right abandon;
We Have Conquered The Outer Space, but Not Our Inner Space;
We can conquer aerospace, cannot conquer however oneself heart;
We Have Higher Income, but Less Morals;
Our income increased, but morality becomes little however;
These Are Times With More Liberty, but Less Joy;
Our times is more free, but had happy time is less and less however;
We Have Much More Food, but Less Nutrition;
We had more food, but gotten nutrition is less and less however;
These Are The Days In Which It Takes Two Salaries For Each Home, but Divorces Increase;
Every family can have double portion income nowadays, but the phenomenon of the divorce is increasing;
These Are Times Of Finer Houses, but More Broken Homes;
The housing nowadays is more and more delicate, but broken family is increasing also;
That's Why I Propose, that As Of Today;
This is why I should say, let us begin from today;
You Do Not Keep Anything For A Special Occasion, because Every Day That You Live Is A SPECIAL OCCASION.
Do not prepare everything for some day, because you live each days,be so special;
Search For Knowledge, read More, sit On Your Porch And Admire The View Without Paying Attention To Your Needs;
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