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The good luck of life
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"This Is A Chance Of A Life Time, "I Declared To My Friend Stacy As I Locked The Door Of My Office And Left The Restaurant I Managed. "It's Every Twenty-seven-year-old Woman's Dream To Live In New York City, and In A Few Months I'll Know If I Get The Transfer. And In A Few Months I'll Know If I Get The Transfer..
“ this but I give birth to good luck that hit the target, ” I say to Sitaixi. Saying, I lock up the door of the office, left me to run old restaurant. Live in new York, can every feminine place of 27 years old longs for this day and night, still have a few months I can know whether permissive ingoing.

I Watched The Moonlight Glisten On The Waters Of Laguna Beach. "I'll Miss It Here, but Living In The Big Apple Is Everything I've Ever Wanted - A Dream Comes True. But Living In The Big Apple Is Everything I've Ever Wanted - A Dream Comes True..
I am being stared mirror in the moon that pulls surface of ancient pay gulf to go up. “ I very be reluctant to leave here, can living in new York is for quite a long time the dreamy —— of the only in my heart nowadays, fond dream was about to come true! ”

We Met A Group Of Our Friends At A Local Cafe, and I Jabbered On About The Possibility Of My Move. Laughter Erupted From A Nearby Table. I Watched As A Handsome Man Captured The Attention Of His Friends With His Engaging Story. His Broad, warm Smile And Air Of Confidence Held Me In A Trance. Stacy Nudged Me. "You're Staring,
In a on the street small cafes, we encountered a flock of friends, I am worn with their prattle the job that I should take possibly. At this moment, a piece of near table erupts blast a laugh. I look immediately, the friend that sees a handsome man is giving him tells a story that fetching person gets the better of. His that frankness, warm smile and self-confident about let me do not send terrified by the ground. Si Taixi gently disclose I am one, say: “ hey, michelle, what do you send to stay, seem demoniac same. ”

Michelle, and About To Drool. "" Wow, "I Whispered. I Watched The Gorgeous Guy Push Up The Sleeves Of His Bulky Sweater. Everyone At His Table Had Their Eyes Fixed On Him. "That's The Man I Want To Marry. "" Yeah, right, "Stacy Droned. "Tell Us More About Where You'd Like To Live In New York, because We All Plan To Visit You There When You Land This Job. "As I Spoke My Gaze Drifted Back To The Debonair Man.
The fellow that I look at Na Yingjun furls he that sleeve of full jacket. The companion of his desk edge is looking at him absorbedly. I breathe out gently; “ ! That is the man that I should marry. ”“ is pretty good really, ” Si Taixi says. “ does not pass, say where you stay in in new York plan quickly still? Should know we plan to waited for your job to decide go there see you. ”I am answering her question, the look can'ts help however ground tend the man that that expression flies upwards.
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