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Pass through infantile eye
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Through The Eyes Of A Child

I Opened My Eyes. I Was Looking Up At The Ceiling. Why I Was Looking There, I Don't Know, but I Kept Looking Anyway, and Laughing. I Kicked My Legs And Shuck My Arms, but It Brought Me No Closer To What I Was Looking At. I Called Out "Ga, ga, gaagh, goo. Goo..
There Was No Reply.
I Lifted My Head. But It Fell Back Down. I Was Lying On My Back, and I Was Covered From Foot To Neck In The Blanket My Dada Had Tucked Me Into. I Wanted To Move My Arms Over My Covers. But I Didn't Know How To Move Them In Coordinated Motions. I Had Been Practising Since I Arrived From My Mother. But It Takes A Bit Of Getting Used To.
I Called Out Again "Goo - Goo - Mama. I Called Out Again "Goo - Goo - Mama..
Again There Was No Reply. I Kept Kicking And Shaking My Arms. I Shuck My Head. I Tried All The Movements I Had Learned So Far. But Nothing Seemed To Move My Cosy Restraints. I Looked Up At The Ceiling Again. It Was The Same As It Had Been Earlier On. But It Was All I Had To Look At. There Was Bars On Both Sides Of Me 'which I Could Probably Look Through' . But Believe Me, for The Effort It Would Take To Turn My Head Sideways; The Ceiling Was A Much Better Option. As The Room Got Brighter, I Became More And More Awake, and More And More Restless.
I Called Out Again "Mama - Dada - Ga Ga - Goo Goo. I Called Out Again "Mama - Dada - Ga Ga - Goo Goo..
Still There Was No Reply. I Kicked And I Kicked. I Pushed With My Arms. I Was Determined. I Was Uncomfortable From Lying There For So Long. All I Wanted To Do Was Change My Position. Oh Yeah, and Get Out Of My Wet Nappy.
I Called Louder This Time "Mama - Mama - Mama. I Called Louder This Time "Mama - Mama - Mama.. Then Out Of Frustration I Said "Goo - Gah -ga. Then Out Of Frustration I Said "Goo - Gah -ga..
I Kept Trying To Free Myself, and Finally It Paid Off. One Of My Arms Was Free. I Could Move It Right Up To My Head. I Could Touch My Mouth, my Nose, my Ears, and The Bars Of My Sleeping Place. I Could Touch The Bars. I Could Touch The Bars And I Could Grip. What If I Was To Grip The Bars And Kick And Shake At The Same Time? I Tried It And I Could.
I Shouted A Victory Chant "Ga Ga - Goo Goo. I Shouted A Victory Chant "Ga Ga - Goo Goo..
I Kept Kicking And Shaking, and Eventually My Other Arm Was Free. I Had Two Arms To Use Now, and Now That I Had Them I Was Going To Use Them Well. I Tried To Push My Cover Down. But It Was Too Much Of A Chore. So I Hung Onto The Bar Again With One Hand. If My Arms Were Longer I Could Have Reached The Other Side As Well. But They Weren't, so I Couldn't. I Kept Kicking And Kicking. Then I Had An Idea. I Kicked My Legs, at The Same Time As Pushing With My Hands. It Was Working. My Restraint Was Getting Looser. I Could Move More Freely. I Was Warm And I Needed Air. I Stopped Kicking For A Bit And Had Another Look At The Ceiling. It Was Still The Same.
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