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Contemporary wisdom language (English-Chinese contrasts)
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IN This ARTICLE: Wisdom Today Means Something Different For The Young, modem Western Generation.

[1] Wisdom Of The Ancients Always Served Civilization Well. In The Age Of The TV Sitcom, witty New York Repartee And The Instant One-liner, western Wisdom In The Modern Sense Can Mean Something More Like The Dialogue From An American Sitcom. Here's Sampling Of The Some Of The Wittier One-lines Circulating Through Western Society Circles These Days:
[2] I Can Only Please One Person Per Day. Today Is Not Your Day. Tomorrow Is Not Looking Good Either.
[3] 1 Love Deadlines. I Especially Like The Wooshing Sound They Make As They Go Flying By.
[4] Tell Me What You Need, and I'll Tell You How To Get Along Without It.
[5] Accept That Some Days You Are The Pigeon And Some Days The Statue.
[6] Needing Someone Is Like Needing A Parachute. If They Aren't There The First Time, chances Are You Won't Be Needing Them Again.
[7] On The Keyboard Of Life, always Keep One Finger On The Escape Key.
[8] You Are Slower Than A Herd Of Turtles Stampeding Through Peanut Butter.
[9] Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Dragons, because You Are Crunchy And Taste Good With Ketchup.
[10] Everybody Is Somebody Else's Weirdo.
[11] Never Argue With An Idiot. They Drag You Down To Their Level And Beat You With Experience.
[12] Don't Be Irreplaceable- - If You Can't Be Replaced, you Can't Be Promoted.
[13] Eat One Live Frog The First Thing In The Morning And Nothing Worse Will Happen To You For The Rest Of The Day.
[14] Everything Can Be Filed Under Miscellaneous.
[15] You Are Always Doing Something Marginal When The Boss Drops By Your Desk.
[16] When Confronted By A Difficult Problem You Can Solve It More Easily By Reducing It To The Question "how Would Adventure Star Indiana Jones Handle This? [16] When Confronted By A Difficult Problem You Can Solve It More Easily By Reducing It To The Question "how Would Adventure Star Indiana Jones Handle This??
[17] I Don't Have An Attitude Problem. You Have A Perception Problem.

[The wisdom of 1] the ancients always has profit greatly to civilization. The times that the quick-witted interlocution in type of TV scene comedy, new York and offhand simple sentence witty remark are popular, the western wisdom on present-day meaning more the thing that resembling is and so on of the dialogue in comedy of scene of an United States. It is latter below circulate in western society a few have representative simple sentence farsighted language:
[2] I everyday can please a person. Today annulus be less than you. Will look tomorrow not quite clever also.
[I like 3] deadline. I like the swish that they gallop and outdated gives out especially.
[4] tells me what you need, next I can tell you how to pass without it.
[5] accepts fact of this be related - - sometimes you are to be in statuary the dove that goes up to be excreted at will, sometimes you are that those who have bad luck is statuary.
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