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My most precious Olympic award
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[1]It Was The Summer Of 1936. The Olympic Games Were Being Held In Berlin. Because Adolf Hitler Childishly Insisted That His Performers Were Members Of A "master Race, "Nationalistic Feelings Were At An All-time High.

[2] I Wasn't Too Worried About All This. I'd Trained, sweated And Disciplined Myself For Six Years, with The Games In Mind. While I Was Going Over On The Boat, all I Could Think About Was Taking Home One Or Two Of Those Gold Medals. I Had My Eyes Especially On The Running Broad Jump. A Year Before, as A Sophomore At The Ohio State, i'd Set The World's Record Of 26 Feet 8 1/4 Inches. Nearly Everyone Expected Me To Win This Event.

[3] I Was In For A Surprise. When The Time Came For The Broad-jump Trials, I Was Startled To See A Tall Boy Hitting The Pit At Almost 26 Feet On His Practice Leaps! He Turned Out To Be A German Named Luz Long. I Was Told That Hitler Hoped To Win The Jump With Him.

[4] I Guessed That If Long Won, it Would Add Some New Support To The Nazis' "master Race" (Aryansuperiority) Theory. After All, I Am A Negro. Angry About Hitler's Ways, I Determined To Go Out There And Really Show Der Fuhrer And His Master Race Who Was Superior And Who Wasn't.

[5] An Angry Athlete Is An Athlete Who Will Make Mistakes, as Any Coach Will Tell You. I Was No Exception. On The First Of My Three Qualifying Jumps, I Leaped From Several Inches Beyond The Takeoff Board For A Foul. On The Second Jump, I Fouled Even Worse. "Did I Come 3, 000 Miles For This? "I Thought Bitterly. "To Foul Out Of The Trials And Make A Fool Of Myself? "To Foul Out Of The Trials And Make A Fool Of Myself??

[6] Walking A Few Yards From The Pit, I Kicked Disgustedly At The Dirt. Suddenly I Felt A Hand On My Shoulder. I Turned To Look Into The Friendly Blue Eyes Of The Tall German Broad Jumper. He Had Easily Qualified For The Finals On His First Attempt. He Offered Me A Firm Handshake.

[7] "Jesse Owens, i'm Luz Long. I Don't Think We've Met. I Don't Think We've Met.. He Spoke English Well, though With A German Twist To It.

"Glad To Meet You, "I Said. Then, trying To Hide My Nervousness, I Added, "How Are You? "How Are You??

"I'm Fine. The Question Is: How Are You? How Are You??

"What Do You Mean? "I Asked.

"Something Must Be Eating You, "He Said- - Proud The Way Foreigners Are When They've Mastered A Bit Of American Slang. "You Should Be Able To Qualify With Your Eyes Closed. "You Should Be Able To Qualify With Your Eyes Closed..

"Believe Me, I Know It, "I Told Him- - And It Felt Good To Say That To Someone.

[1] 1936 year summer. The Olympic Games is held in Berlin. Because Adolf • hopes to strap the player that holds to him babyishly especially,be “ the member of high-class people ” , nationalism mood is all-time and rising.
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