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Ge Baoquan, unripe 1913. Was graduated from Shanghai university 1932. Ceng Ren " big bulletin " be stationed in Russia reporter, literary bound of China whole nation is fought enemy association director, when China is stationed in Russia embassy to face, do sth for sb and counsellor, " translation " , " world literature " wait for a journal to make up appoint, researcher of institute of literature of foreign country of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences waits. Decoration of friendship of people of each country of highest Soviet presidium and rainbow of Chinese writer association translate Ceng Huosu couplet award. Began to publish work 1928. Main interpret is written have " Pu Xijin collected works " , " Gorky novel, paper market " , " poem of Pu Xijin fairy tale " , " Pei Duofei novel comes loose. Died in May 2000.

When Puxijin died in Feburary 1937 when 100 anniversary, my as it happens is in Muscovite. I drive …… to Leningrad beforehand, visited emperor village, the emperor village school that visited Puxijin to had read a book is nodded with concerned ground; The Pu Xijin former residence that arrived to be in near wintry palace by the side of river of Mo Yi card, this is him later period life crosses the place with the die after duel. Then I arrived the Si Kecun of husband of Mi Hayi the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces that Pusikefu saves, this is the place that Puxijin reached to was banned to reside by czar authorities 1826 1824 formerly. I live in holy hill fitly in the inn of the town, accordingly my constant ascends the holy hill abbey at the back of inn, look with reverence the graveyard of Pu Xijin death. I return Ceng Youhao a few times to multiplying sledge, go visitting meter of haing Yi Luofu the 3 village of Si Kecun and vicinity. On the way Xue Jing is in that way beautiful attractive, then I remember the “ severe cold that Puxijin writes and sun; This is how good day ” and “ winter advent …… farmer sits cheerly sledge goes seeking the line such as method ” . The hut that the former residence memorial hall that I visited Puxijin and his wet nurse has stayed in, cherish excited and esteeming mood inscribed a word on visitors' book; I still attended to will be in on Feburary 18 again of library prosperous lake ice held commemorative activity. Although this is the thing 50 years ago, but attend Puxijin to die in those days the scene of activity of hundred years hold a memorial ceremony for, still stay in my brain deeply to today all the time, become the most precious and the most unforgettable souvenir, at the same time this also becomes me to walk up to translate and study viatic of work of Pu Xijin poetry later a start.

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