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The farmer translates a Wang Jinde
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Wang Jinde is Bai Dazhen of county of celestial being house Wang Hucun villager, this year 70 years old. Li of dig one generation he ever should cross teacher, ginseng army, in enlistment, wang Jinde is in in the Russian evening school of good association open learned Su You two years, the reason that left to indissoluble with Russian knot from now on. After retiring from army, wang Jinde allocated branch department of Jiangsu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to work, however when he is born not to meet, next year by transfer to a lower level, answer celestial being to reside native place soil. Sunrise and make, sunset and breath. In the time that is as long as 30 years, wang Jinde for bread, make a living with soil from beginning to end, be too busy to contact Russian.

Get married severally as 5 his sons, although he still is plowing ground of 3 mus of crops, but mind already pressure of it doesn't matter. Be in again in former days below agitate of a few classmates, 2000, wang Jinde began his interpreter career in what work. He what love when army in those days before literary press publishs Russia country " novel monthly magazine " monthly magazine 1953 the 3rd period and the 4th period on novel " fast foot deer " searched, preparation is translated into Chinese. Although Wang Jinde is in all the time leaf through Russian book, but want to translate Russian novel into Chinese, easier said than done. Come 4 many years, no matter work in cropland head,rest, disengaged in the evening when, wang Jinde can be taken out save the Russian magazine that come down, books and periodicals to look in those days. Although he has some Russian writ native place,buy in army in those days, the paper of the book floats already yellow, however Wang Jinde was obsessed with the ground to look however over and over. The old partner says be like,he is book of “ be addicted to life ” : Others is chatting, watch TV, he is browsing Russian book, the time after working place is used on the interpreter, pull a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo on a few times to arouse inspiration on occasion. The novel that he translates " fast foot deer " modification draft is sufficient have 2 foot tall.

Last year in June, while when Wang Jinde the interpret that finish is made, 5 his filial sons are father collect sufficient 18000 yuan publication pressworks charge, make his interpreter novel not long ago is published smoothly, translation name is " always day always night " , in all 240 thousand word. Current, wang Jinde is beginning to translate again " division Wei Ke is resting " and " snowed " work of two Russian children.

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