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Wang Jiyu (1908—1981) , original name king is still clear, pseudonym on the west cold, Ji Zi, reach I to wait, sichuan installs Yue Ren. Elementary school graduation enters Chengdu provincial training school of the first woman, preparatory of class of Russian of university law courtyard is made the same score to learn into national north after, preparatory complete a course rises law courtyard economy to fasten attend school. During school, join north of alliance of group of Chinese socialism youth and left-wing society scientist to deuce alliance, attend smooth ferry student to fight movement of day save the nation from extinction. The Republic of China 22 years (1933) color of boreal for no reason is horrible and serious, each school is forced rustication. Flounder of king season I comes to Shanghai, refugee of kingdom of woman of the club of Shanghai career woman that joins leader of party of underground of the Communist Party of China, Shanghai is relieved meeting, raise money to fight day of officers and soldiers winter clothing, hold training class of relieve a sick or injured person to wait. The Republic of China 25 years, the Gorky famous book of her interpreter " in the world " publish, of the same age joins alliance of Shanghai left-wing writer, hold the position of after " Shanghai woman " semimonthly is made up appoint. The Republic of China 28 years, wang Jiyu joins Chinese *** . Next year act under orders to withdraw Shanghai, flounder arrives at Yan'an, into Lu Xun art the institute compiles room job. The War of Resistance Against Japan wins, wang Jiyu holds the post of Jilin to save county Party committee of sea otter county to publicize a minister. The Republic of China 35 years in June, be being moved to northeast university Ren Wenxue is assistant dean of courtyard of vice director, literature and pedagogic courtyard. In November, decision of bureau of northeast of the Communist Party of China is in the foreign language school of Yan'an to be in Harbin formerly answer school, incognito for foreign language of Harbin of have as an attached institution of northeast and democratic allied forces special school, wang Jiyu holds the post of politics to sentence secretary of director, vice-president, Party committee and president early or late. Harbin foreign language learned institute of foreign language of school instead Harbin technically 1955, wang Jiyu takes up the post of a dean. 1958 autumn on the foundation that is in institute of Harbin foreign language, establish Heilongjiang university, wang Jiyu holds the post of Party committee secretary, vice-president. May 1964, classics the State Council appoints, she takes up the post of institute of Shanghai foreign language allow dean, till die. Wang Jiyu pursues education and culture career 51 years for the tool with the foreign language, for the country education trains Russian talented person many 6000, plus the student number of of all kinds language, tens of thousands of. The president of institute of each foreign language of current whole nation and university, vice-president, professor, researcher and diplomatic official, in compiling personnel, having a lot of is her student. Found a state earlier, agree with for education the foreign language talented person that the situation needs, wang Jiyu advocates diversification education, foreign language course should be permeated each other with other humanities, in order to widen intellectual face, do liberal art to apply kind of university onefold language institute. She thinks to learn a foreign language to had better begin from the teenager, the decision recruits graduate of junior high school, initiated new China regular school to recruit teenager preparatory class to learn the beginning of the foreign language. Foreign language of center of data of education of institute of literature of foreign language character, foreign language, Shanghai is comprised to teach problem of press, Russia to study a company in institute of Shanghai foreign language, lay next solid foundations for scientific research of this school teacher and student. The foreign language education that advocates China cannot rely on foreign nationality teacher, must build the native faculty that has quality, offer graduate student class consequently, energetically backbone of education of the youth in education and choose, form echelon formation.
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