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Guo Jiading
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Guo Jiading (1931-) pseudonym beautiful is fourth. Shanghai person. Read English missonary school 1948- - Shanghai emperor learns in fragrant aid, it is department of year of English of Fudan University of Shanghai of pass an entrance examination, all previous 4 after carrying graduation, go to inn of Korea board door to pursue the interpreter that armistice negotiates and phonographic job namely. Written translation final version is held the position of since 1954. Went to Warsaw to hold the position of the interpreter of Sino-US talk and shorthand 1958, after going back to the motherland 1962, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs interpreter place holds a post, meantime divides the written translation final version that plays diplomatic file outside, ever held the post of Mao Zedong, Zhou En to wait for national leader to interview the oral interpretation of foreign guest, hold the position of You Zhouen to come respectively, the interpreter of the party card delegation that Liu Shaoji, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yi, Peng Zhen leading cadre central leads, visit a foreign country early or late or attend important international meeting. Was gone to by the clique 1971 delegacy of Chinese permanent U.N. , still be in charge of working about the interpreter. After going back to the motherland 1981, have successively held the posts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate room vice director, director. Professor of diplomatic college part-time job is held the position of since 1985, tuitional " diplomacy translates " and " of " diplomacy practice. Held the post of China to be stationed in Malta ambassador to 1989 1986; Came to held the post of China to be stationed in Portuguese ambassador in March 1993 1989, in removing the Pu in allowing to combine a group in April 1993 square chief delegate (ambassadorial) . Main interpret makes have: " cling to general " , " Kissinger memoir " , " American economy general picture " (add up to interpret) , of Suoercibaili " long march " () adding up to interpret; In interpret flower; " unseal " , " Chengdu " , Wang Bingna " Sino-US negotiation memoir " etc; Write a certain number of interpret learn a paper (publish the) on Yu Yixue journal, and chief editor has " dictionary of diplomacy of Chinese-English current affairs " .

(origin: Chinese interpret assist net)

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