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Fu Lei: One angry and install the world civilian
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This year is birthday of famous interpreter home Mr Fu Lei hundred years, teach published many Fu Lei's manuscript and photograph in thunder an album of paintings. It is namely in that book, kept the calligraphy sb.'s original handwriting or painting of Mr Fu Lei.

Leaving night before last decides in him, he with peculiar travel regular script, wrote down the ” of book of “ last words written before death of a 800 more than word. He demonstrated his attitude simply first in posthumous papers, next 13 things entrust processing, brushstroke brushstroke, all matters, think for other, for oneself dignity, do not take away a dust.

The calligraphy of Mr Fu Lei, can model can go, and all come out with regular script in small characters. I had seen his ink marks, it is manuscript is mixed completely almost epistolary. Standard of its regular script is natural, take as one's model " god of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is endowed with " , but fall Chinese ink is well-developed, press down crural massiness, greatly Tang Ren keeps the interest of classics. 2 king of his “ of be born out of of body of running hand a model of epistolary art ” , write chicly refined, fluent and adept. According to Yang Jiang memory says, when Fu Lei and money book talk about a book to be talked together, two people have pair of calligraphic love, qian Shu sends interest to use suddenly cursive copy note, copy of Fu Lei criterion seventeen post and dispatch is promoted. Though be on calligraphy, what had not Mr Fu Lei written to regard an article only, but he the research that to West art history and Chinese tradition draw, have very deep attainment however. What what in France he learns is western art history, in answering the Shanghai art training school that the country establishs in bang millet later, hold the post of school office director to hold concurrently teach art history and French. Here he was written " world art master 20 tell " teaching materials was translated " Luo Dan art is talked " etc, to painterly art and theory, fu Lei often has his understanding.

The teach thunder artistic achievement to Huang Binhong comparatives bear in mind, ground of do one's best goes hither and thither for it recommend, make preparations art exhibition is waited a moment. In November 1943, art exhibition of book of individual of first time of life of yellow guest rainbow in Shanghai Tibet fellow villager of Shanghai of Lu Ningbo brigade is met kick off, this is the achievement that a few plans such as Fu Lei try hard. For this, huang Binhong is touched very much, bring him for all one's life one old bosom friend, often view and admire the master of past dynasties a person of academic or artistic distinction that its collect together to it, discuss picture reason, communicate a result. In enjoying the article that reviews work of yellow guest rainbow, fu Lei has a lot of artistic opinion, although discuss painterly art, proviso picture is the same as a source, its viewpoint is artistic to calligraphy for as much applicable.
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