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Write down Fu Lei
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Eve of evening of war of resistance against aggression, victory, money bell book and I am in home of Mr Song Qi the first time interview teach Leihe's Zhu Meifu's couple. We and teach thunder are lived in very nearly, via haunt his home goes to night talking after dinner. That moment intellectual is in the Shanghai that fall into enemy hands, the day is uneasy, do not tell “ long night really boundless when to dawn ” . But we are young still, have a plenty of hope and confidence, stay the night before get over is matutinal only, want to see the cloud opens sunrise. We and other friend get together in the each airs his own views in the sitting room with Home Fu Lei simple and quiet and tastefully laid out, it may not be a bad idea opens a window than leaving, all air, defeat the depressing affliction in daily life. To nowadays, every review the years of that paragraph of grey An, can recall the night of Home Fu Lei talks.
Speak of Fu Lei, total unavoidable respecting his gravity. Actually he is not the person that keeps a straight face blindly. I close a key point, most emerge first be before, it is a Fu Lei that have a smile on one's face however, his two tactics is holding a pipe in both hands, wait for should put in the mouth to smoke, take again, it is to laugh in the eye, mouth edge is to laugh, it is to laugh all over the face. This perhaps is because of me in his home sitting room, when sitting opposite him, he is listening to Zhong Shu to talk, often be this pair of smile. Fu Lei just does not laugh easily; But he laughs when, seem to sampling oneself laugh, feel with pleasure.
Perhaps Zhong Shu is exclusive dare in public jokingly his person. His home another frequenter is Comrade Chen Xihe. Zhong Shu is some thing jokingly Fu Lei. Xi He is full of awkwardness urgently, straight Xiang Zhongshu gives hint given with the eyes; He stills have after the event lingering fear, blame ” of monkey business of Zhong Shu “ . But Fu Lei does not have draw well. He takes a few minutes to feel embarrassed, laughed as everybody; Fu Lei still has humour.
Fu Lei's gravity is to arrive gravely truly very, behaved a pure Fu Lei. He himself can laugh, his smiling face makes a friend look only. Before his child, he is the Yan Fu of an one hundred percent. A Cong, A Min is awaited in those days still is a pair of small naughty child, want to go back on his word to listen to adult to talk in the sitting room only. If adult says, the child is unfavorable perhaps listen, because their understanding is different, fu Lei prohibits strictly their audit. Once, talk livelily in the sitting room, blast a laugh, him Fu Lei also is laughing gladly. Suddenly his brainwave easily, to follow is sufficient by the door that takes to lead to stair, guard a gate, on the step that little brother of the elder brother after seeing the door only is carrying a face on the back and takes at the back of the doorsill, crouch neck laughs. Teach Lei Yisheng is berated, two children are ascending the desert in the footstep that ascends one Zhen Ling chaos to go upstairs. Mei Fu is busy also caught up with. Before Fu Lei, she is to scold a son first; Before the son, she is the choler that blocked father however, him Wen Yan admonishs. Wait for them two come back, be close to in the sitting room replied gradually at the outset atmosphere. But passed a little while, in laugh, fu Lei opened that door suddenly in the past again, a Cong, A Min still furtive sits to be in eavesdrop formerly. This answers get angry of teach Lei Ke, mei Fu also cannot rise to neutralize effect. Listen so that Fu Lei drinks in a stern voice only, be mingled with is worn Mei Fu's mediation and blame; A child thinks is to cry, another still wants to be him apologize. We everybody dare persuade, pretend to be not heard only do not know, sitting talk nonsense. Fu Lei answers a sitting room to come, the face enrages blueness. Mei Fu changes hot tea feel sorrily for the guest, everybody sat a little while again, demit goes out, unavoidable sigh: “ alas, fu Lei is such! ”
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