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Literature translates the home, foliaceous Jun Jian
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Foliaceous Jun Jian (1914—1999) : Pseudonym horse ear, hubei is red the person that install a county. Home of home of interpreter of well-known writer, literature, foreign literature research. Began to translate literary work 1933. During Europe staying after the Second World War, be used to gets the multilateral language such as Denmark, Sweden. After 1949, establish China the first large learn a journal to foreign language " Chinese literature " , the culture communication that translates in literature at chinese mainland takes important place on the job. Main interpret is made have " Andersen story complete works " , " Qiao Wanna " , " total architect " , " happy family " , " Kaerman " , " contemporary fairy tale chooses Yugoslavia " wait for much ministry. The time that used 40 one's remaining years comes interpreter, editor, arrange, fairy tale of the annotate, Andersen that review analyse. Came 1944 1949, cambridge of Xie Jun be still living and in good health lives 5 years, use off hours word-for-word translation the whole fairy tale of Andersen. 20 centuries 50 time afresh translation recension, make up in all 16, it is complete works of fairy tale of the first Andersen of Chinese. 1978, complete works of this fairy tale edits again publish, amalgamative it is 4 this. Danish media says: “ understands Andersen because of translator is a person that is child taletelling not simply, however a philosopher, poet, democrat, advocate progress, object lagging behind the ascendancy character with heartless. Only Chinese translation treats him as home of your work of a Wei and poet will introduce a reader, carried the author's poetics, sense of humor and lively visualize language, it is the translation with top level consequently. ”He introduces Andersen the earliest China scientifically, be famous in world the literary world with translating story of fairy tale of Andersen of Danish article edition, be judged to be together with American translation " on current world two best translation " , and obtained Jia of Danish queen Ma 1988 beautiful special 2 worlds promulgate give " Danish ensign decoration " .

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