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Hao Yun
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Hao Yun (1925-) original name Lian Dong, pseudonym Qi Meng, Hao carries. Person of city of river Beijing University. Was graduated from Kunming 1946 literature of Sino-French university France is. Total meeting take over a class for an absent teacher grew Red Cross of China of Ren Na Beijing 1947, a secretary in charge of sth. Chinese Red Cross attended to always can reorganization in Shanghai, Beijing 1950 the job, hold the post of a secretary, ever held the position of union chairman. Photograph succession Shanghai is smooth after 1953 bright new literary publishing house edits press, Shanghai. 1958-1961 year be engaged in major translating the job. 1961-1979 year the member that hold the post of Shanghai to compile a place, 1970-1978 year attend " French-Chinese dictionary " write the work, the blame that shoulders this dictionary edits. In Shanghai translation the press is engaged in major translating the job since 1979. Joined Shanghai writer consortium 1980. Joined Chinese writer consortium 1988. Attended Shanghai to translate an association 1986, for this conference director. Attended literature of France of Chinese whole nation to learn 1982, for this meeting adviser. In attending 1956, the country is promoted democratically meeting. Hao Yun published a large number of France from the interpreter since 50 time famous full length, medium short story, contribution was made on career of foreign literature interpreter. Main interpret makes have: 〔 law 〕 blocks Mara " Bruce of Luo Sali · " , 〔 law 〕 heart " dot " , 〔 law 〕 Falangshi " all gods became thirsty " (add up to interpret) , " penguin island " , " angelic mutiny " (add up to interpret) , " the novel chooses Falangshi " () adding up to interpret, general of narrow of 〔 Algerian 〕 " big house " , 〔 law 〕 pulls Fei De " vernal swallow " () adding up to interpret, big Zhong Ma of 〔 law 〕 " black tulip " , " Ma dagger queen " (add up to interpret) , " Bulareluona viscount " (add up to interpret) , 〔 law 〕 Sishangda, 〔 law 〕 Walaisi " the person that uprise " () adding up to interpret, mulberry of Mo Bo of 〔 law 〕 " the short story in Mo Bo mulberry is chosen " () adding up to interpret, zun La of 〔 law 〕 " the short story in Zunla is chosen " () adding up to interpret.

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