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Wintersweet is sweet come from bitter cold -- Li Haijun of winner of winning pri
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(the report comes from in south university news network)

In November, advanced forum is in education of prize-giving ceremony of award of interpreter of youth of sound of element of the 15th Han, interpreter Beijing diplomacy institute is held. Attend this forum have interpret assist advanced and senior interpreter, famous professor waits for leader, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Youth of Han element sound translates a contest this also is current the interpreter contest of domestic top level. My school has 6 classmates to win agonistic winning prize, the reporter was interviewed recently among them Li Haijun of winning prize winner.

Li Haijun, after graduation of technical secondary school works two years, entered my school adult to teach three-year institution of higher learning 2000, hind read undergraduate course at my school originally via rising only, 2 years of pass an entrance examination graduate student of major of my school foreign language. This second bear the palm is him the after second-class award another award after afterwards obtains ” of cup of lotus of the first “ of countrywide to translate a contest.

What Li Haijun thinks it is the most important to learn English is interest, interest is best teacher, he likes to see the dish of English edition, this is very helpful to English study, nevertheless he sees what English teacher recommends compare classic literary work only commonly. It is the most important to learn English to still have is to learn to apply English thinking on one hand, this needs a course. The dictionary that he uses is English edition, this is a good method that develops English thinking. Li Haijun captures all opportunities to say more, language sense is developed in colloquial training. Speak of an interpreter, he says no matter Ying Yihan or Han Yiying should have mastered Chinese and English, no matter be English or Chinese, put in blemish to be opposite to oneself on one hand textual understanding and interpreter can produce very large block. Want to accomplish this, need at ordinary times practice. Serious ground studies classical translation, know the difference of Chinese-English structure.

Li Haijun not very the think of a way that cannot teach good spoken language teachs outside holding with a lot of classmates to be not. Teach outside “ there is very large dominant position in colloquial respect, he can be aware of your mistake in pronunciation respect and blemish exquisitely, help in order to correct, the teacher that this is a lot of home cannot accomplish. Be in at the same time with outside the thinking way that they can know morely in taught communication, this also is very helpful to the study of the foreign language. But the teacher of a lot of home is very outstanding, quality is very high, on classroom can lecture is told very racily, such teacher also a bit is assuming at outside religion. ”Anyhow, assiduous it is the most important. Penetrative without a cold wind, na Demei flower is tangy sweet. A face exam basically is when the adult teachs a class, the exam after reading a graduate student is paper form commonly, the independence of this main education individual ponders over ability and operation ability. But no matter which kinds teach a form, can develop the ability of proper respect, basically depend on an individual hold. Side of that paragraph of side since after-thought going to work carries the years that light dark reads now, he says really: “ works hard that paragraph really, this should thank my parents, if do not have their encouragement and support, I obtain today's result impossibly. ”
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