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Interpret player carries off the whole nation translates 3 laurel such as contes
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Interpret person obtains afterwards repeatedly on the west " contest of Shaanxi elite oral interpretation " English group champion and Ji Jun, " large award of ambassador of countrywide interpreter figure is surpassed " champion of Shaanxi competion area mixes the 4th, reach capture " contest of CCTV English elegant demeanour " after He Jijun of champion of Shaanxi competion area, the “ throughout the country that ran at Changsha on June 4, 2006 translates figure ambassador large award to surpass ” to go up, wei Zhenhua of player of Xi'an interpreter college tries hard to defeat a large number of heroes to carry off “ translates figure ambassador large award the 2nd times to surpass champion of ” of countrywide total final, “ in total final 10 beautiful translate ” of award of optimal and integrated quality and “ award ” 3 laurel, xi'an is handed in obtain runner-up and Ji Jun with cent of Zhongshan college player greatly.

The lover of nearly 10 thousand interpreters that large award competition attracted ” of ambassador of figure of interpreter of “ of the 2nd whole nation to come from competion area of 6 cent of countrywide, pass intense competition many rounds, among them 12 patience behead 6 will the person that above average will to Hunan university attend total final.

External interpreter of institute of English of economic commerce university is department head, medium Europe advanced dragoman grooms central vice director, whole nation translates a qualification (level) committee member of exam committee of experts, " fortune " crown of advanced interpret careful, Wang En teachs magazine Chinese edition, in south Wu Ling of institute of university foreign language flower professor, in south the member that institute of university foreign language translates simultaneous interpretation of attestation of directional associate professor, European Union Mr. Wu Yuanning, chen Jinlan teachs college of Wuhan university foreign language, the premier before the member that ever held the post of APEC simultaneous interpretation, England hopes this, deputy prime minister Puleisikete's simultaneous interpretation member the interpreter such as Mr. Zhou Xin the commissioner that authority held the position of this field contest.

The contest cent June 4 is 3 parts, the first part is to pass interpret and extemporaneous interlocution alternately, after the player hears recording, the Chinese content that will hear is English with the means interpret that passes interpret alternately. After the alternant end that pass interpret, the player answers the question that the commissioner raises, the time of the answer is dichotomy bell; The 2nd part is simultaneous interpretation, the player passes heard English article Duan Tongsheng interpret to be Chinese. The 3rd part is ancient prose interpreter, this one part is those who regard player individual as talent reveal, do not participate in contest plan cent.
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