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Learn frequently to practice hard, 10 years of one sword -- Dai Yuerong of Chine
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Dai Yuerong is major of medium of Chinese medium university big the student of 4, if other is big the student of 4 is same, she jackarooes in busy move busy move applies for a job busy preparation goes abroad, time appears and use not quite, but when the school needs her, she is sturdy still take out time to play the game on behalf of the school, strive for for school win honour for.
Contest has very deep impression to lunar Chengdu first, she did not resemble dress up meticulously like other player oneself, of carelessly appearance with installing jacket to match the jeans, but she that is sterling and pure, can use even beautiful the speech that will describe conquered a lot of people, for the word of the Chengdu that use a month, all these is the positive result that learns frequently to practice hard.
Lunar Chengdu learns one grade to begin to learn a foreign language as a child, it is Japanese of two years first, it is English of 13 years next. Ever also had experienced the low ebb of English study, life appeared actually temporarily first the first red light, she begins self-examination, the verdict that gives oneself is to learn not quite, outer study is new when taking the advantage of summer vacation then notional English, be afraid new east has not been born in those days. The teacher is very interesting, she also comes home everyday like a curious coincidence spend a few hours to holding a recorder in the arms a ground is imitated, him discovery after a summer vacation passes is experienced the Ying Yin of a standard, and language sense is a lot of better, the interpreter process that does not need to pass Chinese —— English in a lot of moment brains is blurted out. Discovery is a lot of more relaxed on classroom after term begins, the achievement that takes an exam a few times exceptionally good. After this, her nurturance holding Walkman in the arms a habit that imitates speech one sentence, this is used to the time that lasted near 5 years, the beautiful tone later also is in what this paragraph of time drills just about. Up-to-date, see a movie teleplay when also can groan from time to time accordingly. Speech is good, understand it may not be a bad idea of pronunciation nature audition, language move also has followed.
But it is insufficient so merely, in high school, good pronunciation still can fool. But she feels she encountered a bottleneck in high school later period and university, what go after speech blindly is accurate however the language the most important purpose oversight, that is communication and expression. The thing that she discovers she is immanent is too little, enter a few beneficent activities then, begin to make the field trip that concerns with news, undertake the society is carried out in great quantities. The English of this paragraph of time was put down more or less however, but the experience that discovers these accumulating however on this match lets her the word says, let her want to say.
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