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Write down " CCTV Cup " Wang Lian of first prize gainer this
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I am Wang Lian this, now is major of English of institute of Hunan university foreign language big 3 students. English is I arrive as a child big the closest most dutiful is companionate, can continue to be companion with her in the university so, solid humanness gives birth to one great good fortune. Because English returns cipher out color, large also volume is so minor since matriculate won a few award, went to a few places, grew a few experience. Will attend 12 “21 century to associate this year in March for example match of speech of English of undergraduate of cup ” whole nation, take the opportunity went to time of Hong Kong; Unexpected got a countrywide first prize, went to time of Sydney then; Summer vacation when went for the first time again big northeast, beautiful Changchun, play game of English of undergraduate of the 8th whole nation, also got a controversy to surpass first prize, still sealed the honor of a ” of hand of “ optimal argue. Borrow the chance that enters CCTV cup this can revisit capital, think these are a portion surprises that English brings me. Travel besides love, still have shop, need not eat to be not drunk ramble one day to also be not disrelished tired. Have deep love for see a movie. The director that likes most is rare Ou Ke gram, big Wei Fenji and Martin Sikesaisi.

Pulled the study of subject —— English that so much appears and asks to have nothing to do, say me rapidly so learn English result.

I am avowed it is luckier person, can a meeting says English and the old father of saying level. Write down so that in one's childhood father notices pronunciation extremely, made up tongue twister of one a complete set of to let me be recited by turns everyday, ask with slashing standard I. A lot of people feel articulation is not serious, understand go. But I do not think so. Speech is to mean not just Orphean, beautiful pronunciation can enhance language sense, arouse a person to English have deep love for, and have very great help to audition. Want experienced good spoken language so, speech is the first pace. The elephantine foreigner that must not say, but at least cannot harsh.

Exercise spoken language must not look for a foreigner to drill, oneself can drill to oneself. For instance I like theatrical work seeing the beauty very much, after I see one collect Heroes or The Apprentice, try him repeat gut, judge a head to talk to a certain character or clue again sufficient. The first those who say is very sodden can say the 2nd times the 3rd times, the word that says till oneself and Recap are about the same. Such not tired, very amused still. The ground that still can seek a be perfectly justifiable for oneself sees beautiful play and need not compunctious. The key is to should perseverance insists to come down. Need not complain to accompany him practice spoken language without the person, let the star in the film or teleplay accompany his to drill.
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