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2006 " CCTV cup " English speech contest is optimal and extemporaneous award gai
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Go to Beijing to take part in the match to be returned smoothly on November 14 from November 4, last a period of time full 10 days, but experience of these 10 days and results are however before place of any a thing cannot take sb's place, it also will give me the grows to produce profundity with the life effect henceforth!
This is I go to Beijing the 2nd times entering contest of speech of English of whole nation of “CCTV cup ” , can say that failure August let me up to now last year hard dismiss from one's mind, should notch after coming out to discover oneself differ zero minutes to fail to be seleted CCTV total final only, oneself are very sad really.
This, the course considers repeatedly, I decide or should challenge again, no matter succeed, scarcely can miss this opportunity! Through layer upon layer choose, I obtain Jiangsu to save first prize again, province of wide institute, Jiangsu goes to Beijing to attend countrywide semifinal south university of medium of China of delegate alma mater. Can go to Beijing the 2nd times to take part in the match, excited more it is deep feeling! What take part in the match this year discover to have after going to Beijing a lot of it is the player that comes from a school, if Beijing University, Tsinghua, answer dawn, short for Zhejiang Province is big,wait. This can'ts help making me right him be breathless with anxiety or tension, I am a student that comes from independent institute, can you compete with these strong opponents? Can you confront similar failure with last year? Do not consider go up to think more, I beat air to oneself ceaselessly: Want to believe oneself, want to do one's best only, play gives optimal level, be good appearance! What is more,the rather that I can show itself from Jiangsu province, had shown my actual strength. Not was necessary to debase oneself!
Semifinals lets me experience quite deep, I am very scratch smoke the following day the first of afternoon, the field after cherishing very nervous mood to be entered takes a title. After preparing through, I was entered by staff member belt competition ground prepares the contest. Appearancing that is flashy, also do not know what reason to throb to be accelerated suddenly, I comfort myself ceaselessly: Calm Down, you’re The Best! In whole speech, I am self-confident and sedate, when the commissioner quizs, the query still said: I Think You Are Really Like A Spokesman For The Foreign Ministry! After I answer a question, had integrated knowledge question and answer make an on-the-spot investigation, regret I reply only in 4 problems really was opposite two, this also rings an alarm bell noisy to me actually: Want to strengthen English study not only at ordinary times, widen even oneself eye shot, develop oneself integrated ability ceaselessly.
The mark comes out that momently, I am to want to faint on the stage with joy really, 87.62 (rank the 7th) , this has decided I can attend final final to the CCTV. After returning guesthouse that day in the evening, I kept god-given tear: The fellow student that who says independent institute cannot enough stand out? I say very proudly today, independent institute can train outstanding student all the same!
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