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Gu Lanlan of teacher lecturer of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language
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Person of Nanjing of Gulan orchid female Jiangsu
University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is advanced interpreter institute assistant
Study way: Oral interpretation solid Wu and education oral interpretation study
Teach course: Advanced English English-Chinese / seeing and hearing of English of Chinese-English oral interpretation says English reads English audition
E-mail: Jialanlan1978@yahoo.com
Educational setting
Master of major of simultaneous interpretation of academy of Meng Telei international of 2004—2005 United States
City of California of 2002—2003 United States establishs university north mountain to distinguish school visit learned man
Bachelor of major of English of trade of classics of university of foreign trade of 1996—2000 Guangdong foreign language
Basically translate experience:
American deputy Secretary of State rested in January 2007 this lecture simultaneous interpretation
Breathed out torch of the 15th Asia Game to hand Guangzhou station whole course more in October 2006 chief interpreter
Swedish king held the position of Swedish empress to follow an interpreter during connubial visit Guangzhou in July 2006
The spot translates hundreds leader that visit town to interview foreign government, industry and commerce senior official, include Australian Vice Prime Minister among them, chancellery of general affairs of the Scotland before England, elegant president of fragrant whole world, president of Kodak company whole world waits;
Tens of field are of all kinds and large Sino-British simultaneous interpretation includes international conference and celebration ceremony: Torch of many haing Asia Game delivers press conference, Sweden to receive “ of Guangzhou of Ge Debao date and kingly couple visit to share prospective ” press conference and seminar, 2006 Guangdong to save protection intellectual property and encourage own innovation seminar, Chinese mayor delegacy sought meeting of Chicago municipal government in August 2005, food festival of international of Guangzhou of conference of rubbish of 2002 international solid, 2000-2003;
Guangzhou applies committee of 2010 Asia Games to translate group controller, go to Duohashenya delegacy brunt interpreter;
Award of optimal person house declared Guangzhou application U.N. 2002 material brunt interpreter;
Member of brain trust of award of garden city of Guangzhou city application international and spot rejoined 2001 hand;
Letter of of all kinds government, file, the interpreter that declares material and school careful work;
What win main award:
Academy of Meng Telei international of 2004.8-2005.5 United States is outstanding fellowship
2002.8-2003.2 Guangzhou - fellowship of Lawrence Law of friendship association of city of los angeles sister
2001.12 Guangzhou city spiritual civilization is advanced worker
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