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Yu Yu of Liu of Zhongshan teacher lecturer
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Fundamental condition:
Undergraduate course was graduated from English of institute of Zhongshan university foreign language to fasten 1996.
Obtained degree of Master of Arts of language of English of institute of Zhongshan university foreign language in June 1999.
Left a department to teach in July 1999.
Came to sufferred Ha Fo in July 2004 in September 2003 - Yan Jingxue company is aided financially go to Ha Fo university to visit a year.
Obtained Zhongshan university philosophy to fasten doctor's degree of Chinese philosophy major in June 2005.
Offer course:
Undergraduate students course: Criticism of culture of integrated English, west, literature, Sinology studies
Graduate student course: Literature criticizes theory
Scientific research project: Theory of criticism of contemporary literature culture, quite literature, compare philosophy
Paper work:
Write on behalf of paper, interpret:
1.Paper " to Ge Ruihan and Chen Hansheng Xian Qinzhe learns “ reason ” make an on-the-spot investigation " , " Confucius studies " in January 2007.
2.Paper " the self-discipline in Confucianist ethics " , " modern philosophy " 2006 the 5th period.
3.Paper " the inspecting that studies to two kinds of thought history " , " modern philosophy " 2004 the 3rd period.
4.. Paper " the uncertainty of explanation and its limit " , " Zhongshan university journal " 2002 first phase.
Data sources: Http://fls.sysu.edu.cn/fls/newpage/TeaInfo.aspx? Id=46

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