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The whole nation translates professional competence (level) exam overview
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The whole nation translates professional competence (level) exam (CATTI) is the need that develop to get used to our country economy and adds World Trade Organization, strengthen our country foreign language to translate professional team to build, honestly evaluation translates professional level and ability, open to the outside world to serve with international communication and collaboration for our country better, execute in the whole nation unified, face a society, the interpreter major qualification that home has authority most (level) attestation; It is the cognizance of the ability of interpret of bilingual each other that tries personnel oral interpretation or written translation respect to joining and level; It is ministry of national occurrences in human life unites a program, the certificate of qualification of national level profession that bureau of Chinese foreign language is in charge of solid bestow managing takes an exam.

Interpreter exam system has its bright characteristic: Was to break requirement of record of formal schooling, qualifications and record of service, occupational; 2 it is outstanding ability demand; 3 be hired a method to undertake reform to translating major technical position to judge; 4 was to strengthen China to translate association to the talent grooms and govern the function of the respect in the interpreter.

Issue after the exam is eligible unite by ministry of national occurrences in human life print " People's Republic of China translates professional competence (level) certificate " . This certificate is in countrywide limits is effective, to obtaining letter, accord with " byelaw of try out of interpreter major post " personnel, unit of choose and employ persons but according to need, appoint to a position is corresponding post. This exam already replaced evaluation of interpreter major technical position, the interpreter that various places, departmental door has corresponding language and level no longer is professional technical position evaluates the work.

Translate professional competence (level) the exam offers 7 languages at present, include: Flower, the language such as day, Russia, heart, law, Spain, Arabia, each language cent sets 4 level. English is taken an examination of one year 2 times, other language is taken an examination of one year, in annual in May or will take an exam in November.

Senior interpreter (be equivalent to teaching course, tall title) : Test union. Be engaged in for a long time translating the job, have the capacity of interpret of bilingual each other of banner level of knowledge of encyclopedical and scientific literacy and country, can solve the major difficulty problem in translating the job, on theory and practice the development to translating a career is mixed talent education makes significant contribution.

One class oral interpretation or written translation interpreter (be equivalent to associate professor class, deputy tall title) : Test union. Have relatively substantial scientific literacy knowledge and capacity of higher interpret of bilingual each other, can be competent limits the interpreter with wider, greater difficulty works, can solve the difficulty problem in translating the job, the oral interpretation that can hold the position of important international conference or translation final version work.
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