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German media pays close attention to China to translate a talent to affect econo
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" case forest fairy tale " in translation has ten kinds, " red with black " more nearly 30 kinds of …… do not pass, quality of among them a lot of translation is commonplace, or be suspected of copying interpret.

With literary interpreter quality not tall problem photograph is compared, the interpreter accident phenomenon in daily life is more serious. Be in China, no matter be manual of the travel directory of foreign language, of all kinds commodity, still be the visits manual and streets and lanes sign of famous places and historical sites, a lot of put in various mistranslate. Mr Aolafu of mechanical equipment company says Basite, because be in place to look for the major that is less than most advanced and mechanical equipment to translate personnel, of the company right China cooperative get into trouble, in be obliged to choose, the country translates personnel to come to Germany to undertake major groom.

Develop as economic high speed, china appeared to translate the market tremendously. Chinese enrollment translates a company to have nearly 3000, the interpreter is amounted to at least from personnel of course of study 500 thousand, but professional interpreter personnel makes an appointment with 60 thousand person only, and the city that often waits for a few economy to develop in Shanghai, Beijing centrally or government sector. Compare the ” in the interpret outside “ , the professional of the ” outside the interpret in “ is serious inadequacy more, at present breach is as high as 90% . Look from dimensions, china already became “ to translate big country ” , but be not “ to translate powerful nation ” .

More and more international information swarm into open China. If interpreter personnel cannot digest the enormous iformation flow on international correctly, will cause prediction of a person's luck in a given year of information of a large number of economy, science and technology, affect the feed rate of Chinese globalization. Translate ability weakness problem to be not solved for a long time even, return what will affect Chinese economy badly to last development and activity of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of politics look forward to.

(pick from Feburary 17 " times weekly " , primary problem: Interpreter talent affects economy to develop, the author protects Er · You Ni, green Mu Yi)

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