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The interpreter becomes an independent subject in Chinese development
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On September 18, 2007, interpret of vice-chairman of international interpret couplet, China assist vice-chairman Huang Youyi is appointed to be Ministry of Education to translate education of Master major degree committee member of directive committee chairman.

Degree of interpreter Master major obtained approval of office of degree of the State Council to establish in January 2007, become Master of as industrial and commercial as Master of industrial and commercial management, senior administrator management, common management Master to wait for one of 18 paratactic professional degree. This indicates the education of a talent of our country advanced interpreter is in from give priority to in order to develop capability of learning, research, to the directional change that pays equal attention to with academic ability and professional skill.

Current, already 15 universities are obtained batch create degree of interpreter Master major, some universities today autumn had begun recruit students. In March 2006, approval of Ministry of Education is in partial college is pilot establish undergraduate course to translate major. Previously, the interpreter is regarded as subject of a below foreign language education 2 class all the time.

Had become an independent subject stage by stage in university level in view of the interpreter, chinese interpreter association sponsorred “ at the Tsinghua university that 27—28 day was in Beijing in July 2007 ” of forum of high end of education of interpreter of first whole nation. More than 200 come from interpreter education group and interpreter to use honest expert learned men how to drive a profession to translated the education of personnel to undertake discussing.

First whole nation translates spot of forum of education high end

(come from yuan earth up an interpreter)

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