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Annual produce of industry of our country interpreter is close 30 billion yuan o
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According to not complete count, at present the personnel of interpreter major technology of appoint to a position of our country on guard makes an appointment with 35 thousand person, additionally several 100 thousand people are engaged in translating the job with different form. The translation service orgnaization of all sorts of economy composition has exceeded home 3000, year interpreter production value is close to 30 billion yuan of RMBs. This is China interpreter association vice-chairman holds deputy director general of bureau of foreign language of secretary-general, China concurrently the plenary meeting of interpreter of the 18th world that Huang Youyi holds today announces on first press conference.

He expresses, in the historical endless flow that expands in human civilization, in the Chinese nation great in revived process, translating the job is stimulative mankind from beginning to end the bridge of advanced culture communication and transmission, it is communication China civilization and the world's civilized forerunner. Come nearly 30 years especially, the development as process of our country reforming and opening and expand, interpreter career also obtained great progress, in politics, diplomacy, economy, military affairs, science and technology, culture, travel external, publish and each domains such as ethical Chinese obtained unprecedented achievement. Interpreter work, interpreter studies achievement is outstanding. Interpreter education develops quickly, interpreter discipline system is perfect with each passing day.

He says, take an exam through holding the whole nation to translate professional qualification, the system that a science, fair land evaluates major to translate a talent is in work up. These development raised China to translate the position of the bound in international further, attract people to deliver the view morely to China. Chairman of couplet of interpret of international of no less than is in send Chinese interpret assist in applying the world successfully to translate the congratulations of congress, point out, this makes clear “ , china is on history of international interpret couplet, developing decisive action ” in the development of global interpreter career.

On Feburary 27 morning, news of office of news of the State Council releases hall to hold the 18th world translated congress press conference 2008. Congress sponsors bureau of unit China foreign language and Chinese interpreter association to concern responsible comrade to will introduce congress concern a situation to media is in Beijing.

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