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Beijing taxi distributes the synchronous translation system of on 8 kinds of lan
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The whole nation is preparing for war up and down the Olympic Games, the taxi industry of Beijing also produced new change because of the arrival of the Olympic Games. The reporter was informed when take a taxi yesterday, since August 1, take a taxi to be able to realize the consumption that brush card in Beijing, and serve to be foreign friend better, installed on the taxi of Beijing more than half meeting the synchronous translation system of 8 kinds of languages.

28 days morning 9 when make, the reporter is in Beijing east 40 take a taxi go to Ya Yun Cun, just took a taxi, be in valuation implement by discovered a piece of card. “ you are foreigner, still do not know, begin from next month, take a taxi in Beijing you need not take money at all, resemble rambling calorie of consumption can be brushed like bazaar. One face checks ” driver tall master worker proudly the reporter says.

The reporter carries management board to understand from Beijing subsequently, since August 1, beijing cab will enable municipal liaison man in the round one cartoon system, the passenger can brush card to pay a taxi fare. After the client brushs calorie of consumption, calorie of amount is brushed to will delimit inside 3 weekday turn to the driver borrow in writing down card, can be in whole town nearly 500 therein petrifaction gas station undertakes round-the-clock data is transmitted, namely the taxi driver can brush one cartoon to cheer in gas station of the petrifaction in these.

During the Olympic Games, foreign tourist will enter Beijing in great quantities, the reporter interviewed understanding to arrive yesterday, at the appointed time Beijing street will have half above taxi to deploy meeting the synchronous translation system of 8 kinds of languages will solve this one problem. These 8 kinds of languages are English, French, German, Japanese, Han Yu, Russian, spanish, Arabic respectively.

The reporter sees on the taxi, synchronous translation system and microphone are above the GPS of the taxi, the taxi that provided this facility is advanced windscreen glass is right next horn have “ multiligualism to serve ” mark to be able to identify. Current, beijing already had the taxi of 96 companies to have this function, occupy above of half the number of whole town taxi.

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