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Literary Translation Award for the first time vacancies
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Translator Lin Shaohua response: reduction in the level should be alerted to translate Pair this is the most noteworthy literary translation prize vacancies, this is not the phenomenon of the previous. In this regard, our reporter interviewed a translator Lin Shaohua. Lin Shaohua to translate the works of Japanese author Haruki Murakami and the public are familiar with, has translated "Norwegian Wood," "Kafka" and 32 volume Collected Works of Haruki Murakami. Award-winning works are not a translation for Lin Shaohua for some accidents. Lin Shaohua said that despite the uneven level of translation, but in recent years very prosperous foreign translation, translations, accounting for a large proportion of the book market, the list of books as well. "Many influential works, the annihilated surprise." Traced Lin Shaohua that the translation level is the key. "In recent years a lot of people know a foreign language, fell into the issue on literary translation, many translations to read insipid. I saw a few days before the translator turned magazine written word: There are many translations of the works for you Read the full opportunity to experience the hardships. " Lin Shaohua said that the face of declining levels of translation, and translation of the amount of contrast. "We stressed that foreign language education from middle school to the neglect of the mother-tongue level, also contributed to the reasons for the decline of today's translation level, which should arouse our vigilance." Lin Shaohua that the utilitarian translations can not guarantee its quality is an important factor. "Every year the Nobel Prize for literature published, publishers began to fight our award-winning works of translation rights, and foreign competition is this award, we looked very sad. Get the translation rights, the Press began to race against time and drive speed. Literary translation is an art job, several people get together, just like craftsmen like, with patchwork, quick translation level definitely affected. "
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