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Ning ASTRI research papers recently published translation students
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Recently, the "child learning Ming Fung - University of Science and Technology, Ningbo University, students translate research papers" published by the research, the book presents selected University of Science and Technology, Ningbo gross earnings drift, Pan Rong, Xia Jiayan 10 previous graduates of other papers. According to the book editor of the teacher introduced the SCI, the college graduates in 2003 started the first session, each student graduates have a lot of research in the translation of a higher level of write theses, also in the literary translation course, students also write a lot of good translation of research papers. "So I and Zhang Wentao, Zhao Haiping other teachers, the guidance of their papers, and has done the selection of appraisal work, selected 10 papers Results of representative integrated the book." SCI said the teacher. Research Press, the book received praise, that is the translation of teaching undergraduate another innovation is inquiry-based teaching in undergraduate education is another significant results. The book is published in Science and Technology, Ningbo University, the second set of student work. Last March, Ningbo University of Science and Technology published a translation of the hospital's first collective works "Canadian boy love hockey." Classroom teacher SCI literary translation in its curriculum, organized 20 students, 11 teachers under the guidance will focus on the 13 novels translated into Chinese.
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