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Translation of the market access threshold for chaos should be standardized
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Randomly walked into a bookstore, you will find "Notre Dame de Paris" "Count of Monte Cristo" and other world famous multi-translation was dazzling; Leafing, you can see the obvious grammatical errors and unintelligible European long sentence And so on. Interview with this reporter recently discovered at the grassroots level, the translation market is chaos, should be standardized access threshold. "Traditional festival" mistakenly translated as "Traditional sex festival" (the right to Traditional festival); emergency exit marked " Usually no entry "sign, in contrast to the English was written" No entry on peacetime "(Do not enter peace time) ... ... The translation is ridiculous. It is reported that China's current nearly 3,000 registered translation companies, translation employing 50 million people. With the continuous development of the translation industry, institutions have been relying on the language translation agency has become increasingly specialized division of labor Replaced by the translation company. The foreign companies settled in China, but also on the translation quality and process put forward higher requirements. In front of a huge market, more and more people involved.
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