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Small language study detonates Beijing foreign language to groom the market
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The reporter grooms from education of Beijing adult profession ” of school of outstanding foreign language knows central ——“ state, after application Olympic Games is successful, upsurge of the English of inchoate be current, Japanese, Han Yupei example grows continuously, french, Russian, German, spanish and external Chinese groom course becomes white-collar, broad youth and student to pursue the new-style and popular course that hold in both hands, namely small language study detonated Beijing foreign language to groom market new phase. This school student comes from countrywide each district, their study purpose is the job need, go abroad study abroad, the tourist guide obtains evidence, foreign trade, deal going abroad or it is to charge ahead of schedule, seek new working opportunity.

Mix to office worker basically choose night shift in school student, Saturday / weekday class, the person that study abroad to going abroad or be badly in need of basically chooses by day class of be released from production to take on other duty, have level and English of study target choice, Japanese, Han Yu, French, Russian, German, spanish according to oneself 0 start course of primary, intermediate, advanced foundation, colloquial aggrandizement, before training of language of foreign trade major and certificate of national interpreter qualification are taken an examination of, coach wait for course.

Teacher of the Qin Dynasty of director of this school foreign language reminds everybody: Learn any languages to want to finish 3 big move, the first pace: Good speech foundation, it is whether a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success that unremitting learns a foreign language, below the teacher guidance that should delivering phonic level above all, imitate training repeatedly according to the pronunciation essentials of each language, final implementation listens its sound, know its form and successive independence to spell the capability that reads a word. The 2nd pace: Learn convention to differentiate first, course of medium, advanced foundation, had better be to attend the bottom class in a kindergarten under ten people to groom, can come true on the class listen, say, read, write 4 all-round training. The 3rd pace: Choose the language skill course of can rapid patulous vocabulary, can study a target according to oneself and decide, read original book more at the same time, read original video material more, browse the foreign website of correlative character more, the summary that should learn to have mouth, ability to write with overview form to above activity, Baconian, can promote learner to master a foreign language truly as soon as possible so.

He still points out: Learn a foreign language, from be about to learn to use a foreign language at the beginning the habit of direct thinking, should wait for word, statement, article namely content and meaning are direct with scene of objective, daily life, real work connection rises, avert the interference of mother tongue thinking only, caikeshi shows fluently colloquial expression.
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