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Shaanxi interpret assist hold the 18th world to translate congress opening cerem
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On July 12, 2008, shaanxi interpret assist groom the center holds imitate meeting in Xi'an Chinese Tang Shucheng, the 18th world that imitate is about to hold in Shanghai translates congress opening ceremony, more than 10 undergraduates of English major, the graduate student is on dais extemporarily, association of imitate China interpret grows a leader, controller of international interpret couplet reachs the talk that Shanghai leads or speech, do extemporaneous interpreter, many 200 undergraduate and English lover act as imitate audience. Imitate conference translates association vice-chairman to hold secretary-general Ma Ke concurrently to deliver welcoming speech by Shaanxi, liu Yogong's associate professor chairs deputy secretary-general, vice-chairman Yu Baozhu is taught, deputy secretary-general Liu Liping and Canadian scholar Mr Jack Wynberg undertook commenting on to imitate interpreter. As we have learned, shaanxi translates association to join the delegation that expedites 16 people the 18th world to translate congress, sponsor minute of forum “ interpreter and cross culture intercourse ” .

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